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Raise your hand if something related to health and well-being is on your goals list for this year.

Keep it up if some part of you is afraid you won’t make those goals because you’re not sure how to fit them into your life or what to do.

Make it easier on yourself – go through this checklist first.

Get Your Health Organized

Decide Where You’ll Go

    • Do you want to work out at home? At a gym? Outside? Do martial arts?
    • Sign up for any programs or memberships based on your interests and budget

Organize Your Gear

    • Different workouts require different gear. Do you need sneakers or specialty shoes? Special clothing? Figure out what you need and set it aside in a designated workout clothing spot in your closet.
    • What about equipment? Do you need weights? A pull-up bar? A treadmill or other home gym equipment? All these will be provided if you’re going to a gym. If you’re working out at home, set up a gym space with the equipment you need.
    • Check out Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for great deals and maybe Free items!

Workout gear laid out on a wooden floor including shoes, hand weights, and a jump rope.

Select Apps

    • Many workout apps are available for smartphones, tablets, and computers—everything from weightlifting to running. Browse through Google Play or the App Store for apps that appeal to you and will help you reach your workout goals.
    • Nutrition is important, too! Look for apps that provide meal planning ideas that suit your lifestyle.

Schedule Time

    • Next, use your digital calendar to set up recurring workout times. Working out at least three times per week is recommended. Having those times already blocked off on your calendar helps you protect the time you need for your health and gives you a constant reminder to do it.
    • Use the reminders or alert feature within the calendar to remind you 30 and 15 minutes before your scheduled workout time so you can finish whatever you’re doing and feel comfortable setting it aside.
    • Think of it like this: making time to work out and putting yourself first is the same as saving some of your paycheck before giving it to others. If you’re not healthy, you can’t be there for your loved ones, your career, or anything else that matters.

Don’t Forget to Eat

    • Nutrition is a critical part of any health and wellness program. Plan weekly meals that are healthy and fit into your lifestyle – including packing your lunch.
    • Clean out the junky snacks from your desk and replace them with healthier options like trail mix or dried fruit.

Grocery Shopping

    • Make a list and stick to it. Impulse buys can often be prevented by eating before hitting the grocery store. This may lower your grocery bill, too!
    • Then, if you shouldn’t eat it, don’t buy it. Instead, make it easy on yourself. Keep the food that will tempt you away from your health goals out of the house.
  • ➡ Great Recipe Apps to Help with Health and Wellbeing 

There you go – you have a plan! Now, it’s time to stick with it. You’ve got this!

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