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Happiness Resources

In this busy world where we’re basically on call 24/7 thanks to WiFi and smart devices, everyone can use some more happiness. To help you get the serenity you seek, we’ve been taking a look at different ways to get happy and stay that way. Let’s review.

Share It!

One of the odd things about happiness is that people who are truly happy often feel they can’t share it because the accepted standard state of being is stressed out and unhappy. That’s pretty terrible anyway. But on top of that, sharing your happiness brings joy to others too. So next time you’re feeling happy about something, share it!

Take Control of Your Schedule

One of the biggest factors in people feeling unhappy is a sense that they’re not in control of their schedule; that things are out of control and they’re just along for the ride. If that sounds familiar, you need to spend some time taking back your life.

Learn and Connect

Another thing that commonly leads to a sense of unhappiness is a feeling of being alone. First, you’re not! The truth is, there’s a lot more people feeling the exact same way you do than you realize. Next time you’re feeling isolated and unhappy, try a podcast to help shake off the blues.


Stress plays a huge role in how happy you feel day to day. The great news is that meditation can help reduce your stress quickly. And if you do it consistently, it will actually help you remain less stressed. Even if you’ve tried meditation before and felt like it wasn’t working, the techniques our guest poster shared with us really work! Trust me, I tried it and it helped!

Happiness is within reach. If you’re ready to ditch the stress, try these ideas to get happy and stay that way.