Our Founder

Denise True founded True Assisting. She is a seasoned professional renowned for her competence, work ethic, and talent to create effective, time-saving solutions for her clients. This has made her one of southern New Hampshire’s leading personal assistants.

Meet Denise True!

Denise True, Personal Assistant, Daily Money Manager, Printables | True AssistingSince I can remember, I have always found a certain level of satisfaction in assisting people. From my family to friends, I have always helped people. I also managed to culture a strong work ethic and the ability to manage time optimally to get the most use out of it from a young age. I later found my calling in the field of personal assistant services.

It has been three decades, and I have managed to achieve the epitome of excellence in this field. I have served high-end clients in various niches, and I have reached a level of 100% satisfaction rate, which I prize the most.

Denise’s Work History

  • I started my first job in the hospitality industry, working at a local New Hampshire hotel in High School.
  • I worked several years for a residential/commercial restoration company handling water, fire, and smoke-damaged properties.
  • I started my own residential and commercial cleaning company shortly after high school and had numerous real estate and post-construction clients.
  • During college, I worked closely with several families and became a trusted and dependable source for running multiple households. In addition, I was asked to handle more personal items for clients (organizing and maintaining schedules, contacting vendors, and keeping financial records).
  • After graduating with a degree in business, I continued to build upon my relationships with clients and ultimately formed what is now True Assisting — a mixture of personal and virtual help for busy people needing extra support with their schedules, to-do lists, money management, and all that an active life in the 21st century brings.

Try True Assisting today, and experience our service on a personal level. We go the extra mile for you every time!

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