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Hiring a personal assistant who’s also a daily money manager can make your life so much easier. They help with a variety of tasks.

If one of these scenarios sounds like your situation, you may want to consider hiring one.

  1. You’ve worked hard your whole life, saved and invested wisely, and now it’s time to enjoy life. Instead of spending your days working, you now spend your days helping others, traveling, connecting with family and community, etc. In some ways, you’re busier than you’ve ever been. Which means things, like organizing your space and dealing with the bills and other small financial details, aren’t something you want to focus on anymore.
  2. Or maybe those bank statements, insurance statements, and brokerage statements are starting to feel really confusing. You know you can pay bills online, but that concept is a bit scary and writing checks are getting to be more difficult physically.
  3. Or perhaps you’re the adult child of someone in one of those above situations and you need support. Caring for their needs and your own is overwhelming sometimes and being able to outsource some of it would be a tremendous help.

Guess what? A personal assistant who’s also a daily money manager can help in all of those situations – and many others!

What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

A personal assistant helps with a variety of tasks, including calendar and schedule management, travel planning, event planning, and downsizing. This may mean introducing new technology and showing you how to use it or coming to your home and helping you get organized.

What Does a Daily Money Manager (DMM) Do?

A Daily Money Manager is not an accountant or financial planner, though they may work with them to help you. A DMM helps with items like paying bills, understanding and reconciling insurance or Medicare statements and balancing your checkbook. This is particularly helpful for the elderly or their adult children caretakers as those tasks often become more confusing with age.

If the daily tasks of planning, scheduling, or money management are burdens you’d like to outsource to someone with more expertise and time, hiring a personal assistant who’s also a daily money manager is a perfect choice.