Learn how True Assisting improves the lives of their clients.

True Assisting is a mixture of personal and virtual help for busy people needing extra support with their schedules, to-do lists, money management, and all that a busy life brings. See what some of her clients have to say about her services.

Jon Winer, Newton, MA

"Denise True of True Assisting worked with my family for many years and during that time became essential to the smooth functioning of family life.  She was especially caring of my elderly father and contributed immeasurably to the enjoyment of his later years.

Denise is not only extremely hard working and efficient, she is also a truly good and kind person who is a pleasure to work with.  Our family has benefited enormously from her focus, ingenuity and loyalty.  Life today can be hectic and complicated; having someone like Denise True on your team is a big advantage."

Miriam Gillitt – Newton, MA

"I have known Denise True of True Assisting for over twenty years. During that time she has shown herself to be consistently helpful.  She has organized my office, established a filing system to bring order out of chaos, and continues to keep me on top of things. Without her, my orderly life would revert to the chaos it was before I met her. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she performs her tasks with attention to detail and unfailing good humor."

Joan Freeman – Manchester, NH

"Excellent work ethic and time management skills! I can't thank you enough for finally organizing my home office, email accounts and numerous calendars. I no longer spend my morning sifting through junk."

Karen King – Nashua, NH

"Having Denise's help has been so positive for me. She is a competent & caring professional."

J.S. Saad – Manchester, NH

"Such a great feeling to come into my office and know I can go right to work without worrying about the tedious tasks of running my business. I should've done this year's ago!"