Mastering Organization: Your Guide to a Clutter-Free Year

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As the calendar turns to a new year, it’s a time of fresh starts and ambitious goals. If you’re among the many vowing to conquer clutter and embrace organization this year, you’re in the right place.

Statistics suggest that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside by February, but we’re committed to helping you beat the odds. January, recognized as Get Organized (GO) Month, is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your journey to a more orderly life.

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How to Use GO Month to Your Advantage

Define Your Goals

Begin by reflecting on what organization means to you. Is it a neatly curated closet that makes mornings a breeze? Or perhaps a streamlined home office that boosts productivity and creativity? Whatever your vision, now is the time to declutter, categorize, and, if the task seems daunting, consider enlisting the expertise of a professional organizer.

Determine Your Priorities

First, take some time and consider what your goals are for getting organized, and set your priorities. For example, setting up a calendar and reminders could be your focus if you keep your home and workspaces completely tidy but forget dates.

Or maybe you’ve got drawers, cabinets, and closets you can’t close because they’re so full. Now’s the time to take it all out, organize, declutter, and consider hiring a professional organizer if you’re overwhelmed. 

Small Steps, Big Impact

Maybe your workspace is in disarray. Whether you know it or not, this affects your productivity and stress. Organizing your physical and digital workspace could be your focus for this year’s resolution.

Now is also the perfect time to teach your kids the importance of keeping their room neat and setting up bins or other tools to help them tidy their space.

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7 Get Organized Month Challenges to Tackle

1. The Closet Conundrum:

Begin by emptying your closet and sorting items into categories: keep, donate, and discard. For the ‘keep’ pile, organize clothing by type (e.g., shirts, pants, dresses) and then by color within each type, from light to dark.

  • Invest in slim, non-slip hangers for a uniform look and space-saving benefits.
  • Seasonal items can be stored on higher shelves or in under-bed storage to keep your closet relevant to the current season.

2. Holiday Decor Detox:

Then, inspect each item for wear and tear as you take down your holiday decorations. If it’s time to say goodbye to old decorations, recycle or discard.

  • Use clear, stackable storage bins for the rest, with each bin dedicated to a specific type of decor (lights, ornaments, wreaths, etc.).
  • Label each bin with a detailed list of contents and store them in an accessible yet out-of-the-way place. Organize and put away your holiday décor.

3. Cabinet Creativity:

Next, assess the contents of your cabinets and group like items together. If space is limited, use the inside of cabinet doors for additional storage by installing hooks for measuring cups or adhesive holders for lids.

  • Stackable bins can organize items that are typically hard to keep tidy, like cleaning supplies.
  • Consider a pull-out shelf or drawer for deeper cabinets to make accessing items in the back easier.

4. Junk Drawer Journey:

First, start by emptying the drawer and sorting the contents. Use drawer organizers with compartments of various sizes to designate a place for each item—group similar items together, such as pens, post-its, and delivery menus (this is what is in our junk drawer). Once everything has a designated spot, finding what you need and maintaining order will be easier.

There are so many to choose from, so there will be a solution for your “junk” drawer problem.

  • Drawer Organizer with Non-Slip Silicone Pads – This drawer organizer set features 22 pieces in multiple sizes, made from durable, non-slip plastic, perfect for neatly storing a wide range of items and saving time on organization.
  • Wood Drawer Divider and Organizer – Royal Craft Wood’s drawer dividers provide a versatile, expandable organizing solution for drawers, ensuring items are neatly stored and easily accessible. With simple installation, a 1-year warranty, and excellent customer support.
  • Extendable Drawer Organizer Set – This drawer organizer set features three high-quality, BPA-free plastic adjustable bins perfect for organizing everyday items in any drawer around the house.

5. Kitchen and Pantry Makeover:

To decant or not? This is a personal choice. Decant: add bulk items into clear, airtight, labeled containers to maintain freshness and make it easy to see when you’re running low.

  • Use baskets or bins for grouping similar items, like baking ingredients or snack foods. Label each container and shelf so everyone in the household knows where to find and return items. A Lazy Susan can be particularly useful for corner cabinets or storing spices and condiments.

Dry food ingredients such as rice, grain, and pasta stored in clear glass containers on a shelf.

6. Document Decluttering:

Sort through your documents, shredding anything that’s no longer needed, such as old utility bills or expired warranties.

  • Invest in a filing system for important documents that need to be retained, categorizing them into personal, financial, home, and health.
  • Consider scanning and storing documents electronically to reduce physical clutter and ensure critical information is backed up and accessible. 
  • Interested in what documents to keep and what to shred? Read More Here

7. Workspace Wisdom:

Finally, clear your desk, only returning items that you use daily.

  • Use drawer dividers to organize office supplies and keep them within easy reach.
  • Manage cables with clips or ties to prevent tangling.
  • Create a logical file structure for your digital workspace on your computer and regularly archive or delete files you no longer need.
  • Set aside time weekly to tidy your desk and digital desktop to maintain a workspace.

Enjoy Having Less

Remember that being organized is more than just being tidy; it’s about feeling happy and at peace with having fewer things.

Every clean countertop, drawer put in order, and item you keep is because it improves your life and helps you feel more relaxed and in charge of your space.

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