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Get Ready to Simplify Your Life

​Life gets crazy sometimes. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, it can feel overwhelming to get through the day. Lucky for you, National Simplify Your Life Week is coming! While there’s no one right way to clear space in your schedule, there are some common things everyone can think about trying. The first week in August is a great time to implement some of these changes.

No is Not a Bad Word

Are you the person that’s always asked to pitch in and help? Maybe even at the last minute? It’s great to be the dependable, reliable person people turn to, but it’s also okay to say no. You’re allowed to have boundaries. Offer a different solution, one that fits better into your schedule. You’ll be surprised how many people accept your “no” without getting upset.

Limit Time-Sucking Activities

How much time do you spend scrolling through social media or watching TV shows you’re not super excited about? Instead, you could be spending that time taking that class you’ve had on your list for years or starting a project you keep putting off. Make wise choices about which TV shows you devote your time to and how much effort you put into social media. You’ll be surprised at how much free time opens up!

Set Daily Goals

None of us are superheroes, though we may like to think we are! Look at what you have to do each day and then narrow that down to what’s most important. Do those first. Whatever time you have left can be used on the less important items. Whatever doesn’t get done can be done another day. Cut yourself some slack.

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Take Advantage of Prep Work

How much time do you spend picking out your clothes or packing lunches every morning? Give yourself a few extra minutes to sleep or relax in the morning by laying out your clothes and packing lunches beforehand. That crazy rush in the morning suddenly won’t feel quite so crazy – and your whole day will be calmer as a result.

If you need help organizing your life, contact us! I’m here to help.

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