Science-Backed Benefits of Gratitude

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You’ve probably heard that “an attitude of gratitude” can change your life. But does it really? These science-backed benefits of gratitude demonstrate the many ways it will improve your life. To delve deeper, check out Happier Human.

1. Makes You More Popular

In two separate studies, participants who were 10% more grateful received 17.5% more social capital. Why? Gratitude makes you nicer, more trusting, more social, and more appreciative. Thus, it helps form new relationships and deepens existing ones.

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2. Gratitude Makes You Happier

It may seem like keeping a 5-minute gratitude journal won’t do much, but it does! Those 5-minutes trigger a happier mood, which makes being grateful easier to do and hold on to. Basically, it’s a positive feedback loop.

3. Gratitude Gives Your Career a Boost

Whatever level you’re at, gratitude can help you get to your next goal. You’ll be a better manager, improve your decision-making abilities, increase your productivity, and more easily find mentors and proteges. A side benefit is that it makes the workplace happier.

4. Gratitude Makes You Healthier

Several studies have shown that gratitude can decrease pain and other bad health symptoms, help you increase your exercise time and sleep better, lower blood pressure, increase energy levels, and maybe extend your life.

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5. Gratitude Improves Your Emotional Well-Being

Want to feel happier, be more resilient, and less envious of others’ success? Gratitude can help with all of that! Why? It helps you focus on what you have, what’s going well in your life, rather than on what you wish was different.

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6. Gratitude Develops Your Personality

If you’re longing for a spiritual connection or want to improve your self-esteem, cultivating an attitude of gratitude will help. Maybe you’d like to be more optimistic or more aware of others’ needs and wants. Studies have shown that gratitude can help in all of these personal growth areas.

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