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7 Podcasts to Get You Motivated for School and Work this Fall

September means going back to school and changes in work schedules to accommodate new routines.

After the fun of summer, it can be tough to get motivated. We love podcasts to help shift that mindset!

Podcasts are great to listen to during your commute. Or throw on some earbuds and listen to them on the bus or while walking to school.

Here are six of our favorite motivational podcasts.

1. Hidden Brain by NPR

This one is one of Apple’s Most Downloaded Shows of 2018 for a reason! Rather than cheerleading, Hidden Brain looks at human behavior – why we do what we do. Using a combination of science and storytelling, this podcast teaches listeners about the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior. When you understand those, you can apply them to your life and create motivation, happiness, etc., any time you need it.

2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

All around good vibes here. Oprah chats with thought leaders like Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Eckhart Tolle, and Amy Schumer. Each conversation is meant to inspire, encourage, and help you find deeper meaning in the world around you.

3. 20 Minutes with Bronwyn

Perfect for shorter commutes, 20 Minutes with Bronwyn helps entrepreneurs and leaders improve their communication skills and reduce habit patterns that are holding them back. Full of practical advice and tons of humor, you’ll walk away with real tips on how to handle actual issues.

4. Ted Talks Daily

If you’re familiar with Ted Talks, you know they’re full of amazing information presented in an approachable manner. But they also often ask us to carve out a big chunk of time in already busy schedules. Enter Ted Talks Daily. Available as both audio and video, the shorter content gives you the same rich information as an easily digestible podcast.

5. Bucci Radio

Are you an entrepreneur with health and fitness on your mind? Bucci radio dives into that space and helps ignite your inner fire. If you want to take massive action but feel like you lack motivation, this podcast is for you.

6. This is Your Life

Leaders often struggle to maintain focus because they’re pulled in so many directions. When others aren’t on the same page, it can be hard to stand firm. If that sounds familiar to you, check out this podcast for the resources you need to step up as a leader and motivate your team.

7. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

We all face obstacles and challenges in life. But sometimes they can seem insurmountable until you hear about someone else who did it! That’s exactly what you get in this podcast – inspirational stories from people who’ve overcome a variety of challenges to living their best life.

Which of these is your favorite?

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