What You Need to Know about National Thank You Note Day

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The day after Christmas has become known as National Thank You Note Day. As we’ve discussed, gratitude has many positive benefits, so it’s only appropriate to share gratitude with others after the influx of gifts and good wishes on December 25th.

How to Write a Thank You Note

With social media and texting ruling our lives, the art of writing a thank you note by hand has been all but lost. But a heartfelt, handwritten thank you is much more valuable.

To start, mention the specific gift and let the giver know how much you appreciate it. Stay something personal about your visit with them or let them know that it arrived safely and in time to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Also, be sure to include why the gift is perfect for you and how you plan to use it. Close your thank you note by saying how much you appreciate them remembering you.

It’s only a few lines, but it means the world to the person you send it to. And it shows you truly do appreciate them and their gift.

Science-Backed Benefits of Gratitude

Stress Management in Under 2 Minutes


Here’s an example of a thank you note using the suggestions above.

Dear Grandma,

Thank you so much for the video games! I’m sorry we didn’t get to see you this year, but I wanted to let you know they arrived safely, and I really enjoyed opening them on Christmas morning. I know you took the time to pick the perfect games because you got my three favorites! I can’t wait to play them with my friends Corey and Sam from down the street. It was very sweet of you to remember me this year.


If you’d like to post on social media, use #NationalThankYouNoteDay and get others to join the movement!

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