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January Organization To-Dos

Starting the new year off organized, with everything where it goes and a system to keep it going throughout the year, can make a massive difference to the stress levels and productivity you experience. Use the first couple days of the year to work through an organization to-do list – you’ll be glad you did!

  • Properly stow holiday items
    • Purchase plastic bins/tubs
    • Label each with the contents and a “used up” list
    • Shop post-holiday sales to replace “used up” items and save money
  • Set up your workspace
    • Add dividers to desk drawers
    • Use bookends or desktop bins to organize paperwork and books
    • Trash or shred old files
  • Optimize your living space
    • Use dividers or small storage bins to take the mess out of your junk drawer
    • Purchase decorative boxes to store items littering your coffee table such as remotes, pens, and pencils or other small items
    • Properly get rid of items taking space in your garage, such as paint cans, old appliances, etc.
  • Prepare for spring cleaning
    • Locate a rug shampooing machine or professional cleaning company
    • Purchase appropriate dusting and cleaning supplies
    • Decide how you will move sofas, beds and other heavy furniture
  • Plan for the future
    • Seek out and purchase adequate storage for winter blankets
    • Have a plan to rotate your wardrobe and keep off-season clothes clean
    • Set up recurring events on your calendar
  • Get your finances in order
    • Meet with your financial planner, or find one if you don’t have one yet
    • Set up recurring payments for monthly bills such as rent/mortgage and utilities
    • Set up auto-transfers to saving plans (pay yourself first – it’s the best way to reach financial goals.)
  • Take care of your family
    • Consider making a will
    • Check that insurance policies are up to date and match your current lifestyle
    • Work with your family to create an emergency plan in case of fire, etc.

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