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Organizing Your Digital Life

Look at your computer desktop. Is it littered with files you want to have easy access to? Only now there’s so many on there; you can’t find anything? Check your Documents folder. Is everything saved on that main level, or do you have subfolders? Now, look at your calendar. Does it accurately reflect your daily/weekly/monthly schedule, or are there things you know you have scheduled that aren’t on there? Start your year off with a more organized and efficient digital life using this digital organization checklist.


  • Set up folders
    • Think about the different clients or projects you have. Set up folders for each of them. It may be necessary to set up folders within each of those. For example, if you have a client with several projects, set up a folder for the client and subfolders within it for each project you’re doing for them.
    • Move documents into the appropriate folder. This is usually as easy as clicking and dragging.


  • Organize your digital photos 
    • Digital photography makes it easy to take loads of pictures without spending money on developing costs. Too often, though, these photos wind up in a virtual shoebox, never to be viewed again. Fix it with folders!
    • Create a folder for each trip or occasion. Be sure to include the date and location in each folder name. Go through your photos and delete any that are duplicates, blurry, or otherwise unwanted. Move the rest into the appropriate folders.
    • Display them. Select some of your favorites and store them on a digital photo frame or print and frame them to display on your walls.


  • Organize your schedule
    • Use your digital calendar to set up recurring events for meetings or other activities that happen regularly.
    • Add one-off events as they arise and remove events as soon as they change.
    • Use Google Calendar or a similar interface to share your schedule with your family or coworkers, so you don’t wind up double booked.


  • Make lists
    • Making lists is a great way to keep track of all you have going on. And crossing off or removing items is a great way to feel like you’re making progress.
    • Use apps to share lists and organize projects on the go. Check out Keep – it’s one of our favorites.
    • Sync your digital to-do list across all your devices, so you’re always on top of things. We love Todoist and for this purpose.

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