What Professional Organizers Resolve for the New Year

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With the new year comes new year’s resolutions. If one of yours was to be more organized, you’re not alone. We provided some tips to help you keep that one, and we thought you’d like to see what types of resolutions a professional organizer makes.

1. Ditch the paper clutter

Paper piles up quickly. Junk mail, bills, flyers, school memos, etc. For pro organizers and people taking their organization efforts to the next level, this is not acceptable. Time to implement a system and stop the paper mess.

2. Touch everything one time

On the surface, that might sound silly. Here’s the thing. Most of the stuff in our space we walk right by without really seeing it. By touching everything just once, you bring awareness to your stuff and can then decide whether you want to keep it or not. Make the decision immediately, with your hand still on the item. Act on it in that same moment.

3. Part ways with some memorabilia

If someone you know loves it more than you do, it might be time to say goodbye to something with sentimental memories. This can be an opportunity to walk down memory lane while tidying up your space. Plus, you’ll know your beloved object is going to someone who loves it even more than you do, so you can be sure it will be cared for.

4. Toss the hidden junk

The back of cabinets, deep inside closets, etc. These spaces become black holes for stuff. This year, many pro organizers are tackling the void space. Honestly, no one needs those out of style shoes or ancient jars of condiments.

5. Cultivate open space

While it can be tempting to fill every available surface with something, doing so can also make the room feel cramped and stressful. Instead, professional organizers are trying for a more minimalist look with more open space and less clutter.

6. Ditch the dupes

Whether you’ve recently combined households or have been living in the same home for many years, chances are you have duplicates of things, especially kitchen items. Maybe people hold on to this stuff, “just in case.” The truth is, you don’t need 17 spatulas or two sets of measuring cups. Time to donate that stuff!

7. Include the kids 

Kids aren’t exactly known for their organization skills, but you can help them try to do better. Rework adult spaces to make it easier for them to do their chores and set up shelves, bins, or other organizational systems in their room. Show them the method and encourage them to use it.

8. Figure out what clothes can go

We love this “hanger trick!” Put all of your clothes hangers on the bar so that the hook is facing outwards. Yes, this is backward. That’s the point. When you put away the clothes you’ve worn, turn the hanger around, so it faces the usual way. At the end of the season, you’ll be able to see precisely which clothes can be donated by look for hangers that are still facing the wrong way.

9. Release some responsibility

Being a professional organizer is great, but it can also mean being the “go-to” organizer at home. That gets to be frustrating sometimes, so this year, we’re asking our family’s to use all the knowledge we’ve shared over the years without our direct assistance.

10. Group items by task

How many different cabinets do you have to open to make a cup of tea or make a sandwich? This year, we thought it would be interesting to try having different stations, or groups of items, based on the task. Hopefully, this saves some time in the morning.

Even if you’re not a professional organizer, we welcome you to give these a shot!

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