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What a Professional Organizer Actually Does (and Why You Need One)

If you’re like most people, when you hear “professional organizer” you probably think about Marie Kondo and reality shows on Netflix.

The truth is that professional organizers understand the psychology of clutter. They’re not a housekeeper or a maid. They’re not going to clean your windows or scrub your toilet. Their job is to help you get organized and set you up with systems to stay that way.

Whether you’re focusing on one space – like a closet or kitchen – or your whole house, a professional organizer offers support for making decisions about what to keep (and what not to) as well as provides assistance for appropriately getting rid of items. When that process is complete, she gets you set up with shelves, labels, and other systems that will keep you organized for years to come.

When to Hire a Professional Organizer

Quite often, people call on a professional organizer when they’re overwhelmed. Most people start off feeling confident they can handle their own organization projects. But sometimes there’s a tipping point.

Life changes like marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, empty nesting, etc. can throw a system that was working into chaos. That’s the perfect time to bring in a professional organizer!

What to Expect

When you start working with a professional organizer, they will work with you to decide what to keep and determine the best ways to dispose of items you’re not keeping. In some cases, they may even facilitate sales, donations, etc. In addition, they will work with you to decide the best use for your space and set up any systems to maximize its use.

They will not come in and organize your space while you’re not there. It is a collaborative process. You must be an active participant. Once the systems are created, however, professional organizers can help with upkeep and maintenance without your presence if need be.

It’s important to understand that professional organizers are exactly that – professional. They will not judge you or anything you own. Part of their job is to make you feel safe and supported. Yes, they may have to tell you some harsh truths, but it’s done in a caring, kind way.

If you’re ready to start working with a professional organizer, search the NAPO website for one near you or contact me today!

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