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You’ve done it. You’ve finished your spring cleaning and made piles of clothes, toys, and household items you no longer need. You can donate or sell most of these items, but a traditional yard sale or garage sale feels like too much work. And driving things around to consignment shops or Goodwill is more than you want to take on – you’re too busy shuffling the kids from one summer activity to the next. Thanks to modern technology, there are still plenty of ways to sell your stuff, with minimal effort on your part.


The Letgo app is becoming hugely popular. It works on both Apple and Android devices and is super easy to use. Once you have the app installed on your phone, you can sign up using Facebook, Google, or your email address. Use the camera function on your phone to take a picture of what you want to sell. Select the price, add any additional details, such as condition, etc. Add your zip code and set a category. In about two minutes, your item is up for sale and can be seen by people who might actually buy it!

Note: Letgo is for listing items for sale only. Completing the sale, transferring goods, and collecting money are up to you. For your safety, meeting the buyer in a public place and using a secure payment system such as Paypal, or simply making it cash only, is recommended.

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Very similar to Letgo, though with fewer users currently. OfferUp has an option to let potential buyers know that your price is non-negotiable with just a click of a checkbox. That’s helpful, but only because you click the box doesn’t mean you won’t get people who try to talk you down anyway. As with Letgo, be safe when completing the sale by meeting the person in a public place and accepting only cash or a form of secure payment.

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The Craigslist website has been around for a long time. New items are listed for sale constantly. Depending on what you’re selling, this can be good or not. If it’s something common, you might get lost in the shuffle. Although Craigslist doesn’t have its own app, a third-party vendor has filled in that gap. If you’ve never sold anything on Craigslist before, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the website first. It’s not completely seamless as you’ll have to agree to terms and conditions and set your location both on the site and in the app. But once you work through those challenges, it’s pretty easy to use. As with Letgo and OfferUp, you’ll need to complete the transaction yourself – use caution.

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5miles is a bit different than other apps. You can post items through the app or via their website. There is a payment feature built into this app, so you can complete the sale without the same concerns as the other apps discussed. However, there’s a small catch. 5miles charges you a fee for selling certain high price items. Unless you’re selling six cars, though, this is likely not an issue. Make sure to review their fee policy before you start to be sure you know what to expect. 5miles also allows you to arrange for shipment of the item within the app – for another small fee. It’s not broadly used yet, so check to see what else is being sold in your area before diving in.

Using any of these apps to sell the piles of items you created during spring cleaning really pays off! You get rid of items you no longer need and make some money in the process – without the hassle of a garage sale or yard sale.

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