It’s Prime Day 2018!

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Amazon shoppers get excited for Prime Day every year. In 2018, there are some significant changes making the event even more exciting. First, it will run for 36 hours, six more than previous years. Specifically, Prime Day is from noon Monday, July 16 to midnight, Tuesday, July 17. Even better, more markets are being included. Among them Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. This brings the total participating countries up to 17.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’re not already a Prime member, signing up now is a great way to take advantage of some amazing deals. It’s a simple process that starts by clicking the link. Then answer a few questions, and you’re on your way!

What are the 2018 Prime Day Deals?

Great question! Deals this year are pretty awesome.


First up, clothing! Women who love fashion will not want to miss these incredible clothing deals. Designers like Lark & Ro, Daily Ritual, Luna, Cable Stitch, Paris Sunday, and Ella Moon can be found this year. Amazon has developed more than 50 different fashion labels for men, women, and children. Styles range from workwear and lingerie to baby clothes, shoes, and athletic wear.

Brown teddy bear propped up with an arm leaning on a stack of three colorful sweaters.

Car Tech

Next up is a pretty cool piece of technology. Not every car has Bluetooth technology, but with this handy device and Amazon Alexa, your vehicle will respond to your voice commands, stream music through the speakers, and more. It’s perfect for anyone who’s on the road a lot.

Fire Tablet

If you love your iPad, great! But I’m an Android user, and I was having issues with my iPad, so I bought a Fire Tablet. It’s easy to use, connects with my Google Play apps by sideloading (Google Play is not available in the Amazon app store), and was much more cost-effective. Of course, anytime you download anything, you should take care to protect yourself.

Alexa Tech

I must say a million times a day how much I love using Alexa to make things more efficient. The newest Alexa device, Show, takes this to a whole new level by displaying videos, photos, lists, and anything else on a 7” screen.


Whole Foods shoppers who are also Prime members can get a discount on groceries using the Whole Foods app at check-out or by entering their Amazon linked phone number.

Whether you’re a fashion hound or a tech geek, 2018 Prime Day has something you’ll love. Don’t miss out on this year’s deals.

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