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Simplify Your Life Week is the first week of August. A lull in the summer season can provide a time for individuals to reflect and reset before the busyness of the fall. If you’re like most people when the summer ends, you feel stressed, rushed, and crazed for at least a portion of the week due to an overbooked schedule or long workdays. Disorganization only adds to this.

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 25% of homeowners with a two-car garage pack them so full of stuff that there’s no room for even one car.

Social media, email, and other electronic communications interfere with time and productivity.

Stress-related illnesses cause 80% of medical expenses, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals states that people spend an average of one year of their life looking for lost items. A survey done by Pixie found Americans spent 2.5 days a year looking for lost items, “What’s more, we collectively spend $2.7 billion each year replacing items, and more than half of us are regularly late for work or school due to frustrating searches.” AHHH!

It’s time to take back control of your life, space, time, and money! Here are 10 tips to help you get started.

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Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Develop Positivity

When something doesn’t go as planned, what’s your first reaction? Do you dwell and brood? Do you look for a solution?

One of the best ways to simplify your life, and be happier, is to spend less energy on negativity. Yes, you need to release those feelings. But don’t dwell. Acknowledge that it’s not ideal and why. Then let it go, find a solution, and move on.

2. Get Organized

In a recent survey, Alpha Phi Quarterly found that 67% of respondents believe they could save up to 30 minutes daily if they were more organized. So think of what you could do with that time!

Organizing your physical space and digital space is well worth the effort!

3. Get off Social Media

The common thinking is that each person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes daily on social media. Wow! What would you accomplish with over two extra hours every day?

Beyond that, the very nature of social media is to make you want what you perceive others have. That’s not great for your mental health. Learn more about how to break the cycle in our previous blog.

4. Say No More Often

This is particularly a problem for people pleasers. It can be hard to say no if you’re afraid of disappointing people.

But saying yes to things you genuinely do not have time or energy to handle hurts you and isn’t good for the project.

Before you say yes to something, ask yourself, “will this bring me joy; will my involvement make a meaningful difference; do I have room for this in my life?” If the answer to all three questions is yes, great. If it’s not, say no.

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5. Declutter

Less clutter means less time on cleaning, repairs, and maintenance and often lower costs. Sell or give away what you no longer need, and be mindful of new purchases. With less stuff taking up space, you’ll feel better. In fact, many people report feeling less stressed with a decluttered home or workspace.

6. Stop Paying for Cable

How much is your cable bill? For most people, it’s well over $150/month.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop watching TV. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are excellent, cost-effective options. You can also contact your provider and ask for any current discounts being offered or try bundling several services together. Things are much different these days, and cable TV isn’t the only option anymore, so consumers have more choices than ever. If your cable company is less than cooperative, it’s time to look elsewhere. Use a service such as Rocket Money to negotiate your cable and other costly bills. Rocket Money also offers budgeting help and spending insights. It’s a win-win if finances are a stress factor in your life.

7. Use Calendar Reminders

Things that happen only annually or semi-annually can be tough to remember. All too often, important tasks or payments get missed, adding to the stress.

Use your computer’s calendar to set up reminders for things such as tax payments, to-do lists, car registration renewal, and semi-annual payments like insurance. In addition, you can set reminders for smaller items like returning library books or taking medication. Or check out our extensive list of planners.

8. Consider Giving Up Multitasking

Each time you switch tasks, your brain must refocus. Some people can do this quickly and multitask successfully, but most struggle. In that case, attempting to multitask slows you down and adds to your stress.

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9. Slow Down

One reason people try to multitask is that they feel rushed. Racing from one task to the next or one life milestone to the next. While it’s exciting to think about the future, too much rushing and racing means you’re missing out on the beauty of today. Find ways to take joy in what you have and who you are at this moment.

10. Sit Still

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “who has time for that?” But that’s precisely why you need to do it!

When you sit quietly and reflect on your life, you have the opportunity to grow and the chance to let go of stress and tension.

While a full meditation practice is beautiful, it’s not for everyone. If you’re not ready for that, try turning off the music in the car and sitting for a few minutes before you rush through grocery shopping or go for a walk alone and without electronics.

Did you find one or more of these suggestions for simplifying your life helpful? Looking for more ways to achieve simplicity? This post may interest you right here!

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