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Productivity and organization are closely linked. The more organized you are, the more productive you’ll be. And planners are an excellent way to stay organized. You can choose from paper planners, digital planners, or a combination.

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Paper Planners

Paper planners are a great option if you’re looking to boost your memory as well. Handwriting triggers your brain’s natural learning process through the use of fine motor skills, touch, and sight.

We’ve got free printables for you! Check out our Free Monthly Planner.  Other popular options are by Franklin and The Container Store. You can choose from SO many options and styles and colors. Some planners have inspirational quotes or sayings like Silk and Sonder’s self-care journals, and some aren’t dated.

Planner and Calendar Coffee cup with saucer

There are planners for specific events or activities, including:

Bullet Journals

Another unique and popular organizational tool is a bullet journal. There are books available to help you become an expert in this technique and an app for those who prefer that.

Digital Planners

Digital Monthly Planner concept

A digital planner is not the same as the notes app on your phone, tablet, or favorite cloud software. They are PDFs of actual planners that can be imported into your favorite note-taking app, giving you the high degree of organization of a planner with the highlight portable nature of digital items. Here’s one on Etsy we love!

The right Apps for Your Digital Planner (GoodNotes, NoteShelf, & OneNote are the apps recommended for using digital planners)

GoodNotes This one is for iOS only (sorry Android users). This app is unique because you can take handwritten notes on your iOS devices, and the app turns them into searchable data. You can categorize them, put them in folders, add images, etc.

NoteShelf Similar to GoodNotes, you can create handwritten, searchable notes. Even better, this one is available for both Android and iOS. And if you’re trying to help your family stay more organized, you can share notes in NoteShelf with them. If you’re one of those folks who can’t read your own writing, NoteShelf can turn your handwritten notes into typed text.

OneNote For Microsoft fans, OneNote is a great option. With OneNote, you can take a digital file and “print” a PDF that syncs across all devices where you have it installed.

There are other note-taking apps, as well. If you decide to look for one not listed here, be sure it allows for pdf annotation.

Back to Basics – App Calendar/Planners

Calendar App Opened on Mobile Phone

Planner Pro – Daily Calendar is pretty slick. It combines events, tasks, and notes in one place, which you can organize by week or event/project. You can create recurring tasks as well. It’s also ad-free and available on iOS.

Business Calendar 2 is similar to Planner Pro Daily Calendar but for Android users. A unique feature is the “heat map,” which helps you locate free time. If you opt for the pro version, you can export events to iCal, create repeating tasks and subtasks, and link contacts to appointments.

Cozi Family Organizer 

For busy families, this is a must-have! It helps organize and communicate schedules, grocery lists, to-do lists, meals, and much more. With Cozi, everyone in the family is on the same page because it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Each person can also receive important reminders on the device of their choice. It’s free to sign up.

Which of these planner ideas will you use to get your life back in order? Let us know in the comments!