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Advertised sales are a great way for stores to pull you in, and for you to save some money on household and clothing purchases, but it’s not the only way. Simply by knowing what to buy when, you can save big on expensive items. In July, you can buy some fabulous things, without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors for Less in July

July is the perfect time to buy patio furniture and sporting equipment. Why? Even though it feels like summer is just starting, in the retail world, they’re already starting to think about fall. Patio furniture can be as much as 60%, and sporting equipment can often be found at a 50% discount. That’s a lot of money that stays in your bank!

Alternatives to Yardsales

Save on Beach Clothes in July

With July being the midway point for the summer retail season, many stores are offering discounts on their swimsuits and summer clothes. Although slightly higher discounts may be available in the fall, when they’re desperate to get rid of the inventory, the selection is also far less then. Buying a new swimsuit in July means a great deal without compromising on selection.

A close up picture of a red sign on top of a clothing rack at a store that says "SALE 20% off."

Looking Your Best Without Blowing Your Budget

If you need a new suit for work or a job interview, July is the time to buy. With the move to more casual workplaces, summer usually means people are skipping the suit or blazer in favor of cooler dress shirts and slacks. Retailers know that, but want to make a sale. This means you can capitalize on some great dress clothes deals and replace that old, out of style suit or blazer with something more fashionable.

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In Season Fruits and Veggies Cost Less

Savvy grocery shoppers know that in-season produce always costs less. In July, look for corn and stone fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines. Corn on the grill is a summer favorite, and stone fruits are refreshing on a hot day. Knowing you got them at a great price makes the experience even more enjoyable.

A white bowl full of healthy, colorful foods like broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes.


Summer is wedding season! It’s also when college students begin prepping for the fall semester. Between the large number of wedding gift registry purchases and the influx of money being spent to outfit dorms, items like storage containers, silverware, candles, and sheets can be purchased at steep discounts. Watch for BOGOs and other deals on these items, too.

Living within your budget is easier when you know what to buy when in order to get the best deals.

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