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Save Money This August When You Buy These Items

The month of August in NH, MA, and the rest of New England is the transition between summer and fall. There are many deals to be had as retailers switch their inventory over. It’s also often a month when old models of technology are retired and new models introduced. Here too, there are often great deals as the inventory swap happens. Here are some of the best things to buy in August to give you the best deals.

End of Season Clothes

T-shirts, shorts, summer sporting gear, and beach apparel all go on sale this time of year. If you’re buying for kids, make sure to go big and leave room for growth spurts. And since there are still many warm days left before we have to pack away the summer clothes, you’ll still have a chance to show off your new clothes or swimsuit before you stow it until next year.


Research from Deal News indicates that laptop prices drop between 8% and 24% in August and early September. Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Asus all have great deals this month. If you’re looking for a new laptop for home or work of you’ve got a kid going off to college, now is the time to buy and save big.

Patio Furniture

If your current patio furniture took a beating, now is the time to replace it. In the past, sales on patio furniture in August have ranged from 40% to 68% off. You’ll be able to use your new patio furniture into September, maybe even October and when the warm weather returns, you’ll be all set to go.

National Park Service Senior Passes

Recent legislation means you need to get on this bandwagon now. Beginning in 1994, US citizens and permanent residents have been able to buy America the Beautiful — National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Passes for the low price of $10, compared to the $80 charged to the rest of the population. Sadly, this is coming to an end on August 28th, so get your Senior Passes today and enjoy all this country has to offer.


Stock up for the year because vineyards are trying to move out their previous inventory to make room for the grape harvest in September. Keep an eye out as there are bundle deals from many vineyards offering as many as 15 bottles for as little as $44! I’ll drink to that!

Air Conditioners

I know, it’s too cool to need it now, but you’ll be glad you bought it now when it gets hot again next year. Because they’re large and retailers want the space to store more seasonally appropriate items, you may be able to find air conditioners for as much as 50% off!

Office Supplies

Back to school sales are great for families with kids, but your office/home office can benefit too! Reams of paper, paper towels, tissues, etc. all get massively discounted during this time of year because they know demand will be the highest of the year.

Both big ticket and smaller items offer great opportunities to save money in August. Knowing where to spend your money helps you stretch your budget and buy all the things on your list. For more great tips like this, sign up for my newsletter.

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