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I’m a frequent Etsy shopper.  I love the site and am always so impressed with the talent of the sellers. What they do is not at all in my skill set. Here’s a peek at my Instagram & Etsy Christmas ornaments over the years.

As a professional organizer, some of my favorite things to buy help me get organized or help my clients. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Kitchen Organizingglass storage container pantry

For many people, the kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to organize. But it’s also a key area. We spend a lot of time there, and a well-organized kitchen can save you a lot of time. Check out these great products for organizing your kitchen.

Spice Labels

Depending on where you buy your spices and how you store them, spice labels may mean the difference between correctly putting oregano in your famous tomato sauce or mistakenly tossing in coriander.

Canister Labels

I love storing my dry baking goods in canisters. They’re easy to access and measure that way. But sugar and flower look an awful lot alike once they’re not in the bag. These awesome canister labels help keep it all straight.

Storage Labels

Depending on how your pantry is set up, it’s possible you have boxes on a higher shelf and can’t tell what’s in them without taking them down. Etsy to the rescue with these great storage labels!


Command Center and Family Calendars

If your house doesn’t have a command center, it needs one. A command center helps your whole family stay organized. In one place, you’ll know who needs to be where and when, so carpooling, and other details are easily put in place. Use these amazing products from Etsy to help you create a command center or improve the one you have.

Magnetic Family Calendar

Easily display, change, and organize your family’s schedule with a magnetic calendar.

Chalkboard Calendar

Customize and add notes or phone numbers with a chalkboard calendar.

Whiteboard Command Center

Use dry-erase markers to keep your family organized with schedules, phone numbers, and other details all in one place on the whiteboard command center.

A family command center with a family calendar, schedule, and to do lists.

Mail Organizing

Mail is one of the biggest creators of clutter. Having it properly sorted and stored reduces clutter and helps ensure you don’t miss anything important. For more information, see my post about junk mail.

Desktop Mail Organizer

Customize this with your name and put it on your desktop or countertop to neatly hold your mail. This desktop mail organizer from Etsy is sleek and attractive for any home.

Wood Letter Holder

If wood is more your style, check out this letter holder. Use the different sections to organize your mail by importance or category.

Desktop Letter and Mail Organizer

Keep everything you need for sending mail all in one place. This chic desktop organizer has different size compartments for paper, writing tools, etc.

Which of these organization products from Etsy will you use to organize your home today?

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