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Organizing Ideas While Stuck at Home

A vast majority of Americans have been stuck at home for a while in an effort to slow down the Corona Virus (aka COVID19). Although this can be frustrating, it’s also an ideal time to tackle some organization projects. Here are some of our top suggestions for what to organize while you’re stuck at home.

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Small Stuff

Starting with small stuff gets you motivated to do more. You’ll finish the project quickly and feel compelled to do another one. Our favorite small organization projects include kitchen drawers and table/countertops. Bins, dividers, and other supplies can make this even easier.

Evaluate Your Space

Much like the “Spark Joy” movement, you need to remove anything you don’t use regularly or love so much it would break your heart to let go of it. Touch everything, and decide whether to keep it or not while it’s in your hands. This is particularly important for spaces like closets, cabinets, and bureau drawers. Under typical circumstances, we’d suggest donating anything you’re not keeping, but these are not typical circumstances. For now, set it all aside in a space you’re not organizing and donate it later.

Organize and Label

Using bins, canisters, tubs, baskets, etc. organize what’s left after you’ve evaluated your space and touched everything. Label all of it. But be careful not to be too specific. Go with “dry grains” instead of “rice” or “nuts” instead of “cashews.” Labels and containers ensure you’ll know exactly where to put things and make it easy to maintain the new organization you’ve just created.

What area of your home are you going to organize while stuck at home? Let us know in the comments below!



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