January is Time to Get Organized!

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Why January and not some other month of the year?

Well, first, it’s the start of the year, so getting organized in January sets you up to create new organizational habits and nurture them throughout the year.

Also, the National Association of Productivity & Organization Professionals (NAPO) has declared January National Get Organized Month.

As a proud NAPO member, I’m excited to share my favorite blogs about organizing your time, digital space, and physical space to help you start this year off right.

Organizing Time

Today’s society is fast-paced and high-stress. It often feels like there’s too much to do, too little time to do it in, and that whatever needs doing will never get done.

But, with proper time management strategies, you can be more productive, less stressed, and have time to do all the things that really matter.

  • Not everything is a top priority. But if you feel like it is, this is the blog for you!
  • Work breaks increase productivity. Don’t believe me? Read this!
  • You do not have to do it all! Learn how to get help, automate, and streamline.

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Organizing Digital Space

If you’re like most of us, you spend countless hours in front of digital devices. Your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. have become an extension of your living and working spaces. When they’re disorganized, it adds to your stress, even if you don’t realize it.

Fortunately, wrangling it back into submission takes a little time (see above to get a hold on that).

  • Everyone is at risk of being hacked. It can be tricky to tell it’s happened, especially when you’re stressed and flustered every time you’re on a digital device. If you think you may have been hacked, knowing what to do saves you a lot of stress and time in the long run.
  • Does your digital desktop resemble a teenager’s messy room? You’re not alone in this! A few simple tips and tricks can help you clean up that space and make finding the files, emails, etc. you need much easier.

Organizing Physical Space

You’ve probably experienced this. You walk into your home or a specific room and feel stressed.

Maybe you’re not sure why at first, but as you look around, you realize it’s just a mess.

A pile of dishes in the sink and clutter piling up on tables.

The closets are exploding, and you can’t find your favorite shirt. Ugh!

Now is the time to take your space back and enjoy living and working in it again.

  • One of the space challenges we face in New England is storing clothes in the off-season. I love these amazing tricks to safely store your clothes and easily unpack them when the time comes.
  • Clutter! If your house is anything like mine, the family walks in the door and tosses stuff on tables, countertops, or any available surface. After a while, it almost becomes part of the background, even though it also looks and feels lousy. You and your family can get those spaces back with these decluttering hints.
  • Still need more help getting your living space in order? Challenge yourself and your family!

Want to say goodbye to unwanted junk mail? PaperKarma can help!

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You can do it!

With some small changes, you can make 2023 your most productive year yet!

It’s all about getting organized, and January is the perfect time to do it!

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