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Organization Apps for Daily Living

At True Assisting, we’re all about getting organized, staying organized, and optimizing time. If those sound like things you want in your life in the coming year, these organization apps are a great place to start. Some of them we regularly use ourselves!

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Google Calendar

Long gone are the days of pen and paper planners and countless time spent trying to coordinate schedules. With Google calendar, you can take your calendar with you anywhere and share parts, or all, of it with family, friends, coworkers to make planning and scheduling a snap!

Google Photos

With a camera on every smartphone, it’s easy to snap photos of anything, anytime, anywhere. The problem comes in organizing and storing them for easy viewing later. Google photos make it easy by automatically identifying people in the photos. You can also easily create albums and put the appropriate pictures in them. Best of all, you can set it up to automatically pull photos from your phone to the cloud, so you’ll never run out of phone storage again!


When I was a kid, my parents saved all my classwork. The really good stuff was hung on the fridge for a while, and then it all went into boxes for posterity. They loved showing it off to their friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. As you can imagine, we had a lot of boxes of prized artwork and good grades. Thanks to Keepy, you can avoid that same fate and still preserve and share your kids’ most excellent work.


Saving receipts can save you a bundle at tax time, but they’re sure a pain to store and organize – or at least they used to be! With Shoeboxed, you can easily save and organize all your receipts digitally and get rid of that giant file. Your accountant will thank you!


Every homeowner has a pile of important documents. Asset lists, major home repair details, and warranties, etc. – it all amounts to a bunch of documents that you have to figure out a place to keep and easily access should the need arise. Instead of burying them in the bowels of a filing cabinet, try Homezada to store it all digitally.


Ditch the notepad and pen. While they’re great for jotting down thoughts and inspiration, they also take up space and can be challenging to carry in some situations. For a truly portable notetaking solution, check out Evernote. You can even save website articles you stumble on and want to read later. And the best part? You can share any of it with anyone you need!

Dinner Spinner

Available on both iOS and Android, Dinner Spinner puts the fun back into meal planning. Mix, match, and choose ingredients right on your phone and then tap to save the recipe and make a grocery list. As you use it, Dinner Spinner learns what you like and will suggest new recipes for you.

Take your organization and efficiency to a new level in with these apps, it’s easier than you think! For more great tips, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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