Tackling Spring Cleaning This Year

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Spring cleaning your entire home can feel overwhelming. You’ll ensure it all gets done by breaking it down into smaller chunks. Start by making a plan you can stick to, with different rooms and tasks for each one. Start by decluttering and gathering your cleaning supplies for each room before you start. 

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Other things to include for every room include dusting, testing batteries, changing air filters, washing windows, screens, carpets/upholstery, and organizing closets. Remember to donate any usable items you no longer need.

Spring Cleaning Your Living Room

Your living room is meant to be for relaxing and entertaining. A good spring cleaning helps ensure it’s always ready to be enjoyed. As you clean your living room, be sure to include the following:

  • Fireplaces
  • Electronics
  • Thoroughly vacuum couches and chairs 
  • Vacuum upholstery and wash throw pillows blankets
  • Decorative pieces

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

While most people regularly clean their bathroom, deep cleaning, and decluttering in the spring will help keep your bathroom looking its best. Consider doing these tasks:

  • Clean or replace makeup and hairbrushes
  • Go through your medicine cabinets and dispose of any expired medication
  • Launder linens and replace the shower curtain 
  • Donate unused linens and recycle ripped and torn towels into cleaning rags
  • Soak faucets and shower head in vinegar
  • Scrub grout and tile
  • Purge old makeup, expired toiletries, and unused items collecting dust

Gray kitchen cabinets Carrara marble backsplash

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. Keeping it clean and neat helps the house flow better and makes meal prep much easier! Use these tips to tackle spring cleaning your kitchen:

  • Clear off counters and thoroughly clean them with the appropriate cleanser
  • Empty the pantry and cabinets, wipe down the shelves and doors
  • Discard expired spices, canned goods, and dry goods 
  • Do the same with your refrigerator and freezer. Don’t forget to clean the coils. The condenser coils may be on the front, at the bottom, or the back. 
  • Clean out your containers and replenish
  • Deep clean stove/oven
  • Clean the microwave- I gave this as a stocking stuffer last Christmas Angry Mama Steam Cleaner. It was a hit! 

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Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom

There’s nothing like going to sleep in a clean room. Clutter adds stress, and a messy bedroom can make it tough to sleep, so be sure you take care of your bedroom this spring. Consider doing each of these:

  • Switch your seasonal wardrobe and store off-season items
  • Wash bedroom linens, including blankets, pillows, curtains, and rugs
  • Use this mixture  to clean your mattress
  • Use an allergen spray to kill dust mites. We like this one a lot and use it in our own home and office.
  • If it’s meant to be slept on both sides, spring is also the perfect time to flip your mattress.
  • Vacuum your bedroom from top to bottom (this goes for any room- start at the top and work your way down)

Modern Laundry Room Sewing Desk Sliding Barn Door

Laundry Room

The laundry room is the hardest working room in the house. But regular cleaning and maintenance can save you time and money. If that isn’t motivation enough, NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association reported over 13,800 fires, with one-third of fires caused by a failure to clean dryers.

  • Start with your washing machine and run a cleaning cycle. Consult your owner’s manual or use this helpful website to find your machine’s manual.
  • Next, the dryer. Four areas need regular cleaning- The lint filter, drum, interior/venting system, and behind the dryer. Use a dryer vent vacuum attachment and flexible brush to help get these clean.
  • Dust top to bottom. Walls and ceiling due to dust and lint the dryer produces. 
  • Clean out storage drawers and cabinets and dispose of things you no longer use

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Other Rooms

Many homes have additional rooms to the ones listed above. So include your home office, mudroom/entry, basement, and outdoor spaces in your spring cleaning efforts.

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