Reading for All Ages with Book Recommendations

Reading for All Ages with Book Recommendations
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The reading habit has many benefits and is enjoyable for everyone. Each age group gleans something different and has different types of books they’re likely to enjoy. Keep reading to find yours!

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Early Readers/Young Children

Most books for children are written in a lighthearted manner. They’re fun, but also usually educational. The lessons are embedded in the story, and most children don’t realize they’re learning as they read. Children who start reading early on may also find it’s their preferred learning method.

Recommended bookGood Night Quack and Moo by Sarah Woodard

A lighthearted bedtime story where Quack and Moo are best friends and enjoy sleepovers. Underlying this joyful tale is a message about love, acceptance, friendship, and kindness.

A mom reading a colorful children's book with her young child on her lap.

Young Adults

Much like adults, teens dive into books as a way to grapple with life’s tough questions as well as to escape from reality to a place where things are magical. Books offer a peek into a different reality. 

Recommended bookThe Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

A coming-of-age story that explores learning to fit in with a thriller-style twist that changes one young girl’s life forever.


Adults frequently read to learn something new as well as for entertainment. Whether option fiction or nonfiction, adult readers usually find peace in the pages of a book.

Recommended book ages 20-40Followers: A Novel by Megan Angelo

A darkly funny fantasy that brings together three people across time and plunges America into upheaval.

Recommended book ages 40-50Why We Can’t Sleep: Women’s New Midlife Crisis by Ada Calhoun

After speaking with women across America, Calhoun learned that Gen X women were facing new problems as they entered middle age, problems that were being largely overlooked. This book offers some answers beyond lean in, take “me-time,” or make a chore chart.

An elderly woman sitting on the couch and smiling as she reads a book.

Recommended book ages 50-60I’ll Be Seeing You: A Memoir by Elizabeth Berg

A real-life love story of the author’s parents, from growing up watching them kiss to how the family came together when her father started to decline from Alzheimer’s Disease. 


Reading for seniors is about more than enjoyment and learning. It keeps brains agile and helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Recommended BookThe Nightingale: A Novel by Kristen Hannah

Women’s role in World War II is often hidden. In this novel, Hannah weaves the tale of two sisters leading separate lives and struggling to live and love in German-occupied France.

Which of these books will you add to your collection during Get Caught Reading Month?

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