13 Awesome Benefits of Reading Daily

13 Awesome Benefits of Reading Daily
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May is National Get Caught Reading Month! Whether you’re a book lover or a sometimes reader, this is the perfect time to pick up a new book. For even more great reasons, check out this list of benefits of reading daily.

13 Awesome Benefits of Reading Daily

1. Stress Reduction

First, a good book transports you to another world, away from the stress of daily living. A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading for six minutes reduces stress by 68%. 

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2. Improved Mental Health

Mental activity such as reading or playing chess significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Some studies indicate that people who remain mentally active are 2.5 times less likely to develop the disease than people who engage in less stimulating downtime activities.

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3. Increased Empathy

Additionally, books give you the opportunity to experience life from another perspective –  a different culture, a different time, a different place. In doing so, you become aware of what others go through and become more empathetic to their situation. 

4. Increased Knowledge

The best learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom. The more you read, the more you learn. By choosing books on a variety of subjects, you expand your knowledge base. Some would argue that this also makes you a more interesting person.

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5. Better Analytical Thinking Skills

A thrilling mystery that challenges you to discover the killer before the end of the story can increase those same skills outside the pages of a book. 

6. Improved Memory

Following an in-depth plot requires you to remember a lot – background details, character traits, etc. This is great practice for your brain.

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7. Increased Vocabulary

Many new words lie between the pages of a book. Each new word you learn helps you express yourself more accurately. Self-expression paves the way for leadership opportunities, promotions, etc.

8. Better Writing Skills

Vocabulary and writing skills go hand in hand. The more high-quality writing you read, the more you will emulate those same skills in your own life.

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9. Free Entertainment

While owning a room full of books can be satisfying, it costs nothing to be a reader. Libraries are full of books and ebooks you can borrow for free.

10. Improve Focus and Concentration

Reading something advanced or educational forces you to cut out the habit of checking your phone, writing, an email, and chatting online, all while trying to accomplish something on your to-do list. This slowing down and concentrating on one thing is good for your brain.

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A woman sitting on a couch in a living room reading a book.

11. Inner Peace

In addition to reducing stress, you may opt to read texts that bring you inner peace. Self-help books or spiritual books are one way to do this.

12. Better Sleep

Furthermore, reading is so relaxing; it’s like taking a sleeping pill. Not only does it help lull you off to dreamland, reading also improves the quality of sleep as well.

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13. Sharing With Others

Whether it’s by having better conversations with your friends and family or sharing your love of reading with your children, one of the best things about reading is sharing it with others. In fact, a study by Scholastic indicates that reading aloud to young children helps them become readers as adults.

Now that you’re inspired to pick up a new book for National Get Caught Reading Month tell us in the comments below what’s on your reading list!

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