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Many seniors prefer to remain in their homes and maintain independence as they age. With the proper support, seniors can live comfortably at home for a long time. Try these tips for helping seniors live independently.

How a Daily Money Manager Helps Seniors Live Independently

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) can assist seniors in managing their finances, including tasks such as paying bills, managing bank accounts, budgeting, and keeping records. 

Daily Money Managers also work with other professionals, such as financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys, to provide comprehensive financial management services to clients. They collaborate with these professionals to ensure their clients receive the best possible advice and support for their financial needs.

For example, a DMM might work with a financial advisor to create and implement a budget, while an accountant might assist with tax planning and preparation. Attorneys may also be consulted on legal matters such as estate planning or disability planning. The goal is to provide a coordinated and integrated approach to managing the client’s financial affairs.

In addition, a DMM can help seniors access government benefits, such as Social Security and Medicare, and maintain financial independence. 

All of these professionals work together for the common goal that leads to helping seniors live independently. 

9 Ways to Live Independently Longer

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Supporting Seniors to Age in Place

There are various ways to help seniors age in place and maintain independence at home, including:

  • Home modifications, such as grab bars, non-slip flooring, and stairlifts for safe navigation
  • Assistive technology like medical alert systems, smart home devices, and medication reminders
  • Home care services like Meals on Wheels, transportation, and personal care
  • Community resources like senior centers, transportation services, and support groups
  • Family caregiver support to manage responsibilities and prevent burnout
  • Regular check-ins from family or neighbors for safety and access to resources; Consult a healthcare provider or local senior resources center for specific options available in your area.

Helping Seniors with Mail Management

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Online Resources for Seniors

The internet provides numerous resources for seniors wanting to live independently. Still, it can be overwhelming when first starting your search, so we’ve gathered some of the top categories below, including:

  • Government websites:

    • provides information on the Medicare program and how to enroll
    • offers information on goverSeniorsnment benefits and assistance programs
    • National Council on Aging offers information and resources on aging and older adults, including information on benefits and services
    • provides information on aging and older adults, including information on benefits and services
  • Private organizations:

    • includes information and resources on health, finance, and lifestyle topics, as well as advocacy and community engagement opportunities
    • Family Caregiver Alliance is an online community that connects seniors, family caregivers, and care professionals
    • Trafalgar is a travel company that specializes in providing a range of tours that are designed to cater to the needs and interests of older travelers
  • Online classes and workshops:

    • Coursera offers online courses on a variety of subjects, including history, science, and literature
    • Free Online Learning Free Ivy League and college-level courses are widely available and cover a variety of engaging subjects  
    • SeniorPlanet provides computer and technology training for older adults
  • Telehealth services:

    • Teladoc provides virtual medical consultations with licensed physicians
    • MDLIVE offers virtual medical consultations with licensed physicians, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals

These are just a few examples of the many online resources available to older adults who want to live independently. As always, the availability and accessibility of these resources may vary depending on location and individual needs. Please consult with a healthcare provider or local senior resources center to learn more about specific options available in their area.

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