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In the United States, 27% of adults over 60 live alone (pew research). This percentage is higher than in any other nation. Humans need socialization. We survive and thrive through social connections. But unfortunately, many seniors are alone more often as they age, leaving them vulnerable to social isolation, loneliness, and health problems like cognitive decline, stroke, and heart disease.

Why Video Chatting?

Video chatting is a great way to connect with seniors when you can’t be there in person. However, depending on the age and mental status of your loved one, learning new video-calling technologies may be challenging at best. By using drop-in calling, you can video call your loved ones any time without having to teach (and re-teach)  a new technology.

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Video Call with Amazon Echo Show 

Powered by Alexa and can be set up for drop-in calling with voice activation. Getting the person you want to call set up remotely can be tricky, but once that’s done, the rest is easy. For help getting them going, you can ask their caregivers if there is one. Also, check out these resources:

Meta Portal

The Meta Portal Plus (formally Facebook Portal) is a Facebook product that resembles the Amazon Show. It also functions as a smart speaker with a screen. As a result, users can utilize it to make video calls to others using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. In addition, the Smart Camera adjusts to movement, allowing you to communicate with friends and family while moving around the room.

More Considerations

Meta Portal also includes an Alexa functionality, which means you can access the Facebook Messenger service and the majority of Alexa’s skills. In addition, Facebook Portal does not have a monthly cost.


GrandPad, the first tablet designed for people over 75, “addresses usability, security, and connectivity issues” that hinder remote monitoring and telehealth in professional and personal caregiving settings. GrandPad enables video calls, sharing care-related emails and messages, and multi-party video care conferences between family members. In addition, medical providers and family members can engage remotely with older adults using the company’s secure cloud platform with built-in LTE.

Easy to Use

The tablet is ready to use with preloaded user preferences and contacts. For example, family members can send emails, photos, and comments to the GrandPad. It’s also preloaded with essential apps plus other features such as popular games, customized music, and video chat.

ViewClix Smart Frame

This Smart Frame allows seniors to maintain a constant visual connection with their family and friends. In addition to displaying a high-definition slideshow of photographs, the ViewClix Frame is always prepared to receive a live video call from friends or family.

 Check out this link to see how the frames work. 

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Apple iPad

Lastly, let’s not forget FaceTime and iPad. FaceTime is arguably the most popular video chatting app. For its ease of use and wide range of compatibility, it has long been loved by many. The iPad has evolved into an invaluable communication tool and the ideal FaceTime device and is especially well-suited to video calling thanks to its large screen and clear speakers. Equally important new iPads are equipped with Center Stage, which uses machine learning software to recognize your face and center you in the frame. In addition, Center Stage keeps the camera on you whenever you move during a FaceTime session.

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