Helping Seniors Live Independently

Many seniors prefer to remain in their homes and maintain independence as they age. With the proper support, seniors can live comfortably at home for a long time. Try these tips for helping seniors live independently. How a Daily Money Manager Helps A Daily Money Manager (DMM) can assist seniors in managing their finances, including tasks such as paying bills, managing bank accounts, budgeting, and keeping records.  Daily Money Managers also work with other professionals, such as financial advisors,…

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Starting a Gratitude Journal

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If you've ever kept a diary, you'll probably enjoy keeping a gratitude journal. Instead of recording your innermost thoughts or secrets, you'll record daily reasons for gratitude. Maybe a favorite quote about gratitude or something that happened to you - big or small. Getting started is simple! Just follow these steps to start a gratitude journal of your very own. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link…

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Caring for Caregivers Blog Round-Up

Since 1997, when then-president Bill Clinton signed the first proclamation, November has been National Family Caregivers Month. The purpose is to honor and recognize these unsung heroes.  Family caregivers often go unseen but give a lot. They are frequently juggling the needs of both aging parents and children of their own, as well as careers and spouses. There is a lot of emotional stress and little to no pay for people taking on this responsibility.  No matter how loving…

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Benefits of Journaling for Seniors and Adults

Do you keep a journal? It turns out that journaling is beneficial for everyone, not just lovelorn teens and struggling writers. Journaling can be particularly beneficial for seniors and adults. Boosts Communication and Writing Skills Keeping a journal forces you to organize your thoughts, which can help with both written and oral communication. It may also increase your vocabulary and improve your voice. Improves Physical Health Journaling is an expressive form of writing, which has been shown to benefit…

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Juggling Responsibilities in the Sandwich Generation

Being a parent is a big job. Caring for aging parents is, too. For the sandwich generation, juggling the responsibilities of both, often on top of working full time, can feel overwhelming. These tips help make it easier. Plan Ahead Saving for the future takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve got college-aged children, elder care choices, and retirement goals all looming around the same time. By planning early, you help make things easier when those big expenses…

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