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The weather this year has been odd. Even the most skilled gardeners have struggled with planting times, watering, and getting enough sun for their crops and flowers. For the newbie and amateur gardeners, it’s been even more challenging. Like everything in life these days, there’s an app for that!

Garden Time

With Garden Time, you can create your own personal gardening to-do list. Enter the frost dates for your area, and Garden Time will give you the best planting dates for your crops, either seeds or plants. Also, when to transplant seeds started in pots outdoors and when to harvest.

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Garden Answers

Plant Identification-What’s that growing there? How often do you ask that as you’re out in your garden or walking through nature? With the Garden Answers app, all you need is a picture. Snap one with your smartphone and submit it to the app. Instantly, you’ll get the plant’s name and tons of information about it. There’s also a keyword feature if you know the name but don’t have a picture.

Plant Snap and Other Plant ID Apps

How often have you been walking or in another garden and wanted to know what plants you’re looking at? With Plant Snap, you can instantly identify plants from your smartphone anywhere in the world! Available on iOS and Android, Plant Snap also offers access to a community of plant lovers. Share your pictures and gardening tips. Email registration is required, but the app is free to use.

Other plant identification apps include PlantNet, SmartPlant Home, and PlantFInder.

Planta: Complete Plant Care

Planta is a plant care app that helps over 7 million users with features like smart watering and fertilizing reminders, plant identification through photos, and health diagnostics with Dr. Planta. It also includes a light meter for choosing suitable plants for different light conditions and fosters a community for plant lovers to share tips. The app offers detailed care guides, personalized recommendations, and a journal for tracking plant growth. Available on a subscription basis, Planta aims to simplify and enhance plant care for its users.


Moon & Garden

Many people are looking at organic gardening practices these days. Moon & Garden helps you make the most of these efforts with biodynamics. Although all plants need the sun to grow, the moon also greatly influences them. Based on moon phase, zodiac information, and the weather, Moon & Garden helps you schedule gardening tasks, sends you reminders, and has a place to take notes.

Get more from your garden this year with the help of these awesome gardening apps.

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