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Spring is traditionally used to give homes a deep cleaning. Dust and grime build up over the cold winter months as we have windows closed and furnaces running in an effort to stay warm. As the nicer weather arrives and we throw open the windows, we also feel the urge to clean all that dust and grime.

What many people don’t realize, though, is that spring is also the perfect time to get your home organized for the whole year.

Lists are Your Friend

Figure out which tasks must be done to get your home ready. Seasonal things like HVAC filters and maintenance checks as well as preparing your outdoor furniture are important to include. Creating a list will help you start thinking about what’s needed.

Make Time

Many of these tasks are a bit longer than the usual weekly cleaning. So plan some time on weekends and do one or two each week. This will prevent overwhelm and ensure you still have time for fun. Also, be methodical. If you’re up on the ladder cleaning ceiling fans, use that opportunity to check – and replace if necessary – all lightbulbs as well.

Get Help

You may need to ask for help or hire a professional. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t do things that require a ladder. Professionals can also do certain things more quickly – like shampooing carpets or maintaining HVAC equipment.

Track Everything

Keep track of what was done, when, by who, and associated costs. This easily becomes your plan and budget for next year’s spring cleaning. And you don’t need to create your own spreadsheet or tracking system to do this. Homezada has you covered!