5 Basic Elements of Financial Literacy

The need for money is inevitable, just like change. While you may not be able to control all the financial changes, having a plan will enable you to weather them easier. Financial literacy - being empowered to make good financial choices - is something every adult needs. Start with these basics. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something we have recommended. This commission comes…

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Our 12 Best Blogs from 2021

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We covered many helpful topics from organizing to finances to gift-giving in 2021! Our best blogs from 2021 will also help you get organized and level up in 2022. Check them out below and tell us which one you found the most helpful. Organization Blogs Organize your mind The best organization starts in your head. By organizing your mind, you’re well on the way to organizing your space and the rest of your life. Get started today! Using a…

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5 Times You Should Review Your Financial Plan

Life changes. You change jobs, move, get married/divorced, have kids, etc. As a result, your financial plan should change with you. To ensure it does, review it in at least these five situations. At Least Yearly, Ongoing At a minimum, you should review your financial plan yearly. Even if you ignore it during these other suggested times, reviewing it annually means you’ll catch any significant changes that need to be included. This helps ensure the data you’re working with…

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6 Blog Posts to Organize Your Life

Whether you’re looking to organize your time, finances, or space, we’ve got you covered! Check six of our top blog posts to help you organize your life. Organize Your Time Planners are a great way to organize your time! Maybe you’ve used one before but didn’t find it helpful, or maybe you’ve never tried one. Either way, we’ve got blog posts that will help you successfully use a planner and maximize your time. 6 Reasons You Need a Monthly…

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Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Children Financial Literacy

Most schools don't teach financial literacy, so it's up to parents to teach it at home. If this is something you're struggling with yourself, we can help. Whatever your level of financial literacy, there are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when helping your kids learn it. Do's Lead by example. Kids are like sponges and will absorb everything you do. They also have a keen eye for when someone says one thing and does another. Teach…

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