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New Year’s Resolutions are great, but without a plan, most people quit mid-January, and less than 10% actually follow through.

To truly set yourself up for success this year, you need a plan. Use these steps to create a plan you can stick with.

Determine your priorities

We cover this extensively in our recent blog post. Knowing your priorities determines what you’ll build your plan around.

Create your schedule

Chances are, you already have some commitments on your calendar- Birthdays, holidays, dental appointments, etc., so make sure those are blocked off on your calendar appropriately with enough time for each event.

Unfortunately, we don’t often give ourselves ample time for appointments or tasks. Blocking time gives you a complete picture and avoids double-booking commitments. 

calendar organizer for success

Define action steps

Defining action steps provides a clear roadmap, outlining the specific tasks and activities you need to achieve your goal. This clarity helps you stay focused and more likely to stick to your plan

Write down your big dreams for the year and break them into smaller steps and goals. Try using SMART Goals or another technique to ensure they’re achievable.

Personally, I would like to read more and have a list of books I want to finish this year. Professionally, I’m working on organizing my time more efficiently, ending my day earlier, and delegating more.

Know your why and theme

These aren’t required but can be very helpful. What’s the why behind your goals? Why are they important now? How will you feel when they’re achieved? How will these goals impact your life?

The theme – sometimes a word – helps give you an intentional focus. You can filter any potential distractions through this theme. If the task/opportunity doesn’t further your goals or fit into your theme, pass on it. Some theme examples are joy, focus, simplicity, and fearlessness.

Create good habits

Habits that set you up for success are essential but can be hard to develop. Try using habit stacking to help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go. 

Habit stacking is helpful because it simplifies the process of establishing new habits by integrating them into existing routines, making behavior change more manageable, consistent, and sustainable.

Set up a schedule

Having a schedule helps you stay on track. While you may get sidetracked sometimes, going back to your schedule and to-do list ensures you don’t remain sidetracked longer than necessary. You may also want to have a daily routine to ensure everything gets done.

Read about our favorite all-in-one productivity platform here. 

Cut yourself some slack

Life happens. Nothing goes quite as we plan. And that’s okay! Your yearly plan is a road map. If you had to make a detour or pitstop, there’s nothing wrong with that. Instead, use your plan to refocus and applaud yourself for the progress you do make.

What are your goals for this year?

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