Aging Brilliantly: How to Eat, Move, Rest, and Socialize Your Way to Long Life

Being old need not be a part of aging. However, there is growing proof that certain habits and lifestyles tend to promote “more life.” In order to live longer and be happier and healthier, you can adopt the proven practices described in the book Aging Brilliantly at any age.



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Aging Brilliantly presents specific strategies for exercise, nutrition, relationships, and relaxation that can significantly improve vitality. These strategies were inspired by research on the world’s longest-living individuals. Action plans and recommendations are provided in each chapter to help you put these new ideas into practice quickly so you can start living better right now.

Discover the keys to a healthy lifestyle:

Super-aging action plan: After learning the pillars, create a step-by-step strategy to assist you in identifying and achieving your personal objectives.
Self-evaluation: At the conclusion of each chapter, give yourself a score to determine where you lie on the spectrum of healthy aging.
Become a master ager: With a little daily work, you may learn how to age gracefully and lead a life that promotes health and longevity.
Make age merely a number by using the self-care strategies supported by science in Aging Brilliantly.


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