Launching Financial Grownups

Launching Financial Grownups provides your teen or young adult the tools they need to deal with the challenges of adulthood, such as debt, credit cards, peer pressure that leads to bad money decisions, negotiations, how to run their own household, different investing opportunities, insurance needs, charitable giving, what they need to know about your finances, and even starting to think about their retirement. All of this is happening while addressing recent demographic changes caused by the pandemic, such as young adults moving back into their childhood homes and becoming financially dependent after being independent.

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Help young adults achieve financial independence and build a strong financial foundation with “Launching Financial Grownups” by Bobbi Rebell. As a personal finance expert and Certified Financial Planner, Rebell shares candid insights, practical solutions, and personal experiences to guide parents in helping their young adults become financially responsible. From debt management to retirement planning, this book addresses key milestones and challenges faced by young adults. Discover strategies to open money discussions, protect your own financial well-being, and benefit from expert advice. An essential resource for parents, grandparents, and anyone invested in the financial success of young adults, “Launching Financial Grownups” provides timeless advice in an engaging and supportive package.


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