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We all want to spend less and have more money for fun things like vacations, nights out, etc. If you look at your current budget, you may discover you’re paying for things you actually don’t need to. The companies taking your money are happy about this, but you’d probably be happier keeping your hard earned dollars. Which of these items can you cut from your budget?

Internet Modum and Router Rental

Many internet providers have you pay to rent a modem. This can cost $120/year or more! For less than $100, you can buy your own modem (often with a built in wireless router). A quick phone call to set it up and you’re on your way to saving money with every internet bill.

Junk Removal

Unless you’re doing demo or other work that truly generates trash, there are many ways to get rid of your stuff for free. Many charities will even pick it up for free! Or check out sites like Freecycle to match up your “trash” with someone who will see it as treasure.

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Pet Insurance

Even if you’re like many pet owners and would do anything to save your furry kids, over the life of your pet, the cost of pet insurance usually far exceeds the price you’d pay for any veterinary procedures. If you’ve got multiple pets, this is even more true.

Furniture and Carpet Protection Plans

These insurance plans are great for the stores selling you the carpets and furniture, but not for you. In the past, furniture and carpet suppliers would apply a stain-resistant coating after your purchase. Now, however, this coating is applied during the manufacturing process and the stores try to upsell you on a protection plan that, if you read it, actually doesn’t cover much of anything.

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High Octane Gas

Unless your owner’s manual specifies that your car needs high octane fuel, filling it up is just like dumping dollars in your gas tank. Typically, only cars with high performance engines require high octant fuel. If you’re driving a commuter vehicle, stick to regular.

Change Your Habits

If you’re spending money on any of these items, consider changing your habits and keep more money in your wallet. And then come up with some more fun ways to spend the money you’re saving!

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