Don’t Let Identity Theft Affect Your Retirement

Don’t Let Identity Theft Affect Your Retirement

Most people think about identity theft as having a negative impact on their credit score and purchasing ability. That’s certainly true, but it can also adversely affect your retirement. If someone gets your social security number, Medicare account number, or credit card information, they may be able to collect the benefits that are rightfully yours.

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Protecting Your Information

Keeping your information private is critical. Only share Medicare information with healthcare providers and trusted caretakers. Also, keep your social security card in a safe place, not your wallet or purse. Finally, be on the lookout for scams. Many people looking to steal your identity will call and claim to be a representative from your doctor’s office, the IRS, etc. Unless you called them, never give this information out over the phone.

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Common Scams

The specific phone scams are very common and, sadly, work all too well. If you’re approached with any of these, say no and walk away or hang up the phone.

  • Someone asks for your Medicare or SSN for “record-keeping” or other “free” services
  • Someone offers a “free” consultation only for people on Medicare
  • Someone claims to be a representative of the government
  • Someone pressures you into buying services or tests for your health

Other Threats

The above is a sample of threats you can see. Unfortunately, there are also many threats you can’t see. But don’t worry; you can protect yourself from those too!

Consumers can protect themselves from identity theft by using software such as McAfee+.

McAfee provides a range of identity theft protection services to help individuals protect their personal information and prevent identity theft. Their services include features such as dark web monitoring, which continuously scans the dark web for any signs of compromised personal data. McAfee also provides real-time alerts for suspicious activity, allowing users to take immediate action to protect their identities. In case of identity theft, McAfee offers robust support for recovery, guiding individuals through the process and providing expert assistance. With different plans available, readers can choose the level of coverage and features that best suit their needs. McAfee’s identity theft protection services offer a proactive approach to combating identity theft and provide peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

Additionally, consumers need to practice good online hygiene, such as using strong and unique passwords, avoiding public Wi-Fi, and being cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments. By combining the protection provided by McAfee+ with good online habits, you can significantly reduce the risk of identity theft.


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