Celebrating Father’s Day 2020

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The quarantine this year may make it hard to celebrate Father’s Day in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with your Dad.

The difference is, you’ll do it virtually. To do that, you’ll both need a steady internet connection. You also might need to get your Dad on the phone and walk him through setting up software or hardware.

Once that’s in place, there are lots of ways to celebrate with your Dad. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Cook Together

Is cooking or baking with Dad one of your favorite childhood memories? Find some cooking videos online to do together or take an online cooking class with your Dad. It’s fun, and you both might learn something new!

Order In

Maybe cooking isn’t in the cards. That’s okay! Many restaurants are offering free or reduced delivery right now. Call your Dad’s favorite and ask. He’ll love getting a meal from you on Father’s Day.

Celebrating Dads This Father’s Day

A dad giving his son a hug outside by a park bench.

Watch a Streaming Movie or TV Show Together

For many families, movies and TV are bonding time. Look for browser extensions like Netflix Party or Metatream to sync up your streams together. Once you both have it installed, grab your favorite snacks, and enjoy some screen time with Dad.

Share Memories

Gather digital photos and videos of your Dad. Ask family and friends to get involved too! Store them online and then do a screen share during a digital call so you and Dad can reminisce. Here’s a great site that helps for FREE.

Play Games

Most games have online versions available—everything from Scattegories and Scrabble to Uno and poker. Look through the app store and do a Google search to find the perfect online game for you and your Dad.

Mother’s Day, Social Distancing, and Supporting Local Businesses

A dad and son walking with coffee mugs and the son's arm is around his dad's shoulders.

Check Out a Museum or Concert

No, you can’t do these things in person, but you can watch virtual tours and concerts. The Louvre, The Museum of Natural History, and The Getty Museum are just a few places offering online tours. NASA is also getting in on the virtual events with The Space Center’s Houston app and a tour of their research center. Plus, many musical artists are offering online concerts. Check into your Dad’s favorite.

Have a Virtual Tasting

This will take some advance planning. Send your Dad a selection of whiskeys, wines, or craft beers (depending on his taste), and be sure to have the same ones on hand for yourself. On Father’s Day, do a video call and taste them together.

Which of these virtual ideas will you try this Father’s Day?

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