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Life gets crazy. Between work, kids, etc., it can feel almost impossible to reach the small goals you have for your own success and happiness, never mind shooting for some big goals. Don’t get discouraged! Some small changes in your morning routine hold the key to creating the life you want. And by morning, I mean before 8 am. Why? Because starting your day off focusing on reaching your goals basically guarantees you can’t fail.

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone needs slightly different amounts of sleep, but generally, 7-9 hours is ideal for most adults. Less than that, and you’ll feel sleepy. Sure, you can become best friends with coffee, but long-term, the rest of your health will start to crumble. Getting enough sleep has incredible health benefits, including lower stress, increased creativity, and increased focus – all things you need to create the amazing life you want.


Whatever your beliefs are, starting the day off in communion with some higher power (use any name you like) helps focus on gratitude and abundance. Remember the book “The Secret”? We’re magnets. Whatever we’re putting out in the world is what will come back to us, so it makes sense to start off the day focusing on abundance and gratitude.


Regular exercise has been shown to generate inspiration and clarity. It also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. If your body isn’t ready to tackle the gym in the wee hours of the morning, set an intention and schedule into your day. Your body, and your dreams, will thank you.

Get Enough Protein

It doesn’t matter if it’s meat or plant-based protein. What matters is getting 30 grams of it before 8 am. Protein-rich foods keep you fuller longer, so you won’t be searching for a fat or sugar-loaded snack by 10 am. Protein also keeps blood sugar levels more even, preventing spikes in hunger and energy level.

Take a Cold Shower

This definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Coldwater, meaning 57°F, when experienced regularly, facilitates physical and emotional health. It stimulates your immune and cardiovascular system as well as reduces depression. Give yourself 20 seconds in a cold shower. If you still hate it, flip back to your hot shower.

Experience Something Uplifting

Read, listen to a podcast, or watch an uplifting vlog. The most successful people are constantly learning and seeking new inspiration. Take 15 or 20 minutes in the morning to experience something uplifting. It will put you in the zone to do your best, and you never know what new insights and ideas will come up!

Review Your Vision

Your goals should be written down and/or displayed on a vision board. Take a few moments every morning to review your goals. This sets your mind up to work on them all day long (even if it’s subconsciously while you’re doing other things.)

Do One Thing Towards Your Long-Term Goals

Remember when the teachers told you to do the hardest homework first so once it was done, the rest of the work would be easier? The same thing holds true for decision making. As you get tired over the course of the day, your ability (and desire) to make decisions start to decrease. Instead, do one thing towards your goals early in the morning. Once that tough decision is out of the way, the rest of your day will be easier.

These seem like small, insignificant changes, but they’re actually life-changing. Try it for a month and see what happens!

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