Stop Buying Bins: & Other Blunt But Practical Advice

Stop Buying Bins is a compelling guide that addresses the difficulty of decluttering and letting go of possessions. By delving into individual client stories, the book reveals the reasons behind our attachment to belongings that no longer serve us and helps us change our perspective on our things. With a blend of wit and tough love, the book breaks down the obstacles that prevent us from living with less and provides practical step-by-step instructions on downsizing our clutter. Through this journey, readers come to understand that true enjoyment of possessions comes from having less and valuing experiences over material objects.

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Decluttering our homes can be difficult.

Letting go of things can be challenging.

Living with less seems impossible.

With wit and tough love, Stop Buying Bins seeks to break down the obstacles that tether us to our possessions. Why do we hold onto belongings that no longer serve us? How do we change our perspective regarding our things? And once we’ve tackled those questions, how do we go about actually downsizing our clutter?

Told through individual client stories, Stop Buying Bins reveals the personality traits that create resistance to letting go, flips the switch on assigning value to objects, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to decide what goes and what to do with it.

Stop Buying Bins will have you coming to terms with some hard truths about your stuff as you realize you’ll enjoy what you have more if you have less.


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