How to Prevent Online Splurging and Control Your Money Management

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These are busy times, and online shopping is convenient. You can price match and shop around numerous stores in minutes compared to the time it takes driving around to brick and mortar shops. With that convenience, we often buy without thinking it through. Here are some tips for reining in that impulse spending.

Remove Shopping Apps

It’s so easy to grab your phone when you’re bored and start shopping for things you don’t need. You’re better than that! There are so many other things you could be doing. Delete the shopping apps from your phone, so they’re not there to tempt you.

Remove Payment Information

The ease of clicking through payment information every time you purchase something is great; it’s fast and convenient. It’s also so easy to spend money on not needed items without pausing to think it through. The added bonus? You’re limiting your personal information online…priceless!

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Unsubscribe to Email Alerts & Shopping Daily Deals

Deals and alert emails are loaded with items that are there to entice you to buy, buy, buy! The problem is most of these items are not usually on your list. Remove the temptation from your life by using the “unsubscribe” button liberally. You’ll be cleaning up your inbox at the same time too.

Turn off “Buy Now with 1-Click”

This needs no explanation! But we’re going to give you one anyway. While it’s certainly convenient, it can lead to buying things you didn’t intend to (if you press it by mistake.) It also encourages buying without pausing to think if it’s something you genuinely need. A good rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours and see if you still feel the same way about the purchase.

Similarly, don’t choose the “buy now, pay later” option when you are shopping. If you can’t afford to make a purchase, wait until you can pay for the wanted item in full before buying it to avoid interest.

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Use Wish Lists, Favorites, Loves, etc.

Instant gratification is a huge part of our everyday life, but it’s not always the best solution. Most online shopping experiences now have the option of a wish list or favorite button. Saving it for later lets you keep track of the item(s) you’re interested in while you wait to consider if you’re sure you need it. In many cases, you can share your list with others, so they know the perfect gift to give you on a special occasion.

These few tweaks take only a few minutes, but they can lead to huge savings and help you take back your budget.

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