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Organizing Your Finances
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Organizing Your Finances

Finances. Budgeting. Money. No matter how you coin it, dealing with the financial needs of yourself, your family or your business is a huge source of stress for many people. So much so that many people often avoid dealing with organizing their finances at all and wind up with a huge mess, they don’t know how to untangle. This, of course, adds to your stress and makes you like dealing with it even less. While we can’t take away…

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Organize Your Workspace

Having an organized workspace can significantly increase your productivity. However, it may seem overwhelming to wrangle your desk into submission. But, with a workspace organization checklist, it’s much easier than you think! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something we have recommended. This commission comes at no additional cost to you but will help us keep this site up and running and ad-free! Thank…

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Organizing Your Digital Life

Look at your computer desktop. Is it littered with files you want to have easy access to? Only now there’s so many on there; you can’t find anything? Check your Documents folder. Is everything saved on that main level, or do you have subfolders? Now, look at your calendar. Does it accurately reflect your daily/weekly/monthly schedule, or are there things you know you have scheduled that aren’t on there? Start your year off with a more organized and efficient…

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January Organization To-Dos

Starting the new year off organized, with everything where it goes and a system to keep it going throughout the year, can make a massive difference to the stress levels and productivity you experience. Use the first couple days of the year to work through an organization to-do list – you’ll be glad you did! Properly stow holiday items Purchase plastic bins/tubs Label each with the contents and a “used up” list Shop post-holiday sales to replace “used up”…

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