Tech Devices to Entertain Your Dog When You’re Out

Tech Devices to Entertain Your Dog When You’re Out

The Best Tech Devices for Keeping Your Dog Entertained

Dogs may be man’s best friends, but they’re not great at entertaining themselves. How many times have you come home to discover that your furry buddy has chewed through your favorite pair of shoes or the new couch cushions? Dogs hate being bored, and they get destructive when they have nothing else to keep them occupied. That’s where these tech devices to entertain your dog come in!

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Treat Cam

With this tech device, the Eufy Pet Camera/Treat Cam ensures your pet is always visible with its automatic tracking, 360-degree rotation, and wide-angle lens, eliminating blind spots. It captures every detail in HD, even at night, and allows real-time streaming through the eufy Pet app, supporting multiple viewers. This tech device features a fun, clog-free treat dispenser and serves as an alert pet sitter by sending instant notifications for any detected sounds or movements. Enjoy these features with no subscription fees and up to nearly 60 days of local video storage.

Another treat cam is the Furbo 360° Dog Camera, which offers comprehensive monitoring with its full HD camera that rotates 360 degrees for complete room coverage and features 1080p live streaming. It includes real-time 2-way audio, color night vision, and an adjustable treat tossing feature via the Furbo app. The device also sends smart alerts, is easy to set up, and ensures data security with bank-level encryption and optional 2-step verification.

PupPod Training

The PupPod Rocker Training Treat Tossing Camera Dispenser, and Puzzle Dog Toy is a multifunctional device designed to engage and train your dog remotely. It offers adjustable difficulty levels for training games, complete with sound and light cues, and includes a high-definition camera to monitor and interact with your pet from afar. This innovative tech device not only dispenses treats to reward learning and puzzle-solving but also promotes mental stimulation and helps manage feeding and anxiety by keeping your dog active and entertained when you’re not at home.


This automatic ball launcher is ideal for small—to medium-sized dogs. It offers adjustable launch distances for indoor or outdoor play. It’s portable and can be powered by a wall plug or batteries. It comes with three mini tennis balls designed for fetch. Teach your dog to return the ball to the launcher chute. Then watch as it flings the ball for your pup. He happily plays fetch for hours while you work to pay for his toys!

Interactive Dog Bone

This award-winning interactive dog bone keeps dogs engaged and healthy by satisfying their hunting instincts. It’s designed like a bone and made from durable materials, so it’s ideal for non-aggressive chewers. The tech device boasts a long battery life, easy activation, and dishwasher-safe parts for convenient cleaning. It helps keep pets entertained and reduces anxiety when they’re alone. The product has a robust customer service guarantee, offering refunds or replacements for any issues.

tech devices

Pet Tunes

The Pet Tunes Calming Music Dog Speaker was created to help reduce your dog’s stress with specially curated music by a sound behaviorist. This portable Bluetooth speaker, pre-loaded with 90 minutes of soothing tunes, is clinically proven to alleviate anxiety and stress behaviors like barking and pacing. It is ideal for stressful situations, such as being alone, traveling, or adapting to new environments. It offers up to eight hours of continuous play on a full charge and has an adjustable volume control. Its small size makes it easy to carry and position anywhere around your dog.

Try This Alexa Skill: Comfort My Dog


There really is a channel for everything these days—cartoons, classic TV, movies, etc. Created with your pet in mind, DogTV provides round-the-clock entertainment for your pet. Just don’t let them become lazy couch potatoes who won’t go for walks!


Automatic Feeder Dog Food Feeder

Manage your pet’s feeding schedule with this automatic feeder. It ensures your pet is fed regularly up to four times a day, and customizable portions ranging from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups make it ideal for any size pet. The feeder has an LCD screen for easy programming and operates on a wall outlet and batteries to continue feeding during power outages. Designed for dry food, the feeder has a large 20-cup storage compartment and a dishwasher-safe tray for convenience.

Wag! and Rover

All this technology is great, but at the end of the day, nothing beats human contact. If you can’t be there as much as you’d like, hire a dog walker. Wag! and Rover are two popular dog-walking apps, each with distinct features tailored to different needs. Wag! is likened to the””Ube”” of dog walking, offering quick, scheduled walks and emergency services with a mandatory detailed profile setup and lock box for keys, but itdoesn’tt always allow you to choose your walker, as the app assigns them. Rover, on the other hand, provides a more personalized experience, letting owners select and interact directly with sitters, making it suitable for more than just dog walking, including pet sitting and boarding. While Wag! focuses on convenience and quick service, Rover emphasizes flexibility and a broader range of pet care options.

My Dog

My golden retriever, Lily, inspired this post. She truly was the best dog we ever had. Sadly, at 12 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live. Needless to say, that was one of the saddest times for our family. We’re grateful to have had the time we spent with her. So often, we take things for granted and we miss coming home to our loyal Lily waiting at the top of the stairs for us.

We hope you have an amazing dog like Lily in your life. Make sure you take time to love your furry family every day.

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