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Make Your Move Easier with a Home Inventory

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Moving is often pretty stressful. Hiring a moving company can make it easier, but because they also combine your boxes with others to save on transportation costs, it’s important to know what you had when you started out.

Reputable moving companies will provide you with a list of items they’ve picked up and compare it to what’s dropped off. This is helpful, but that list won’t include the details of what’s in each box.

A comprehensive inventory list can also help with:

  • Obtaining accurate quotes from movers
  • Determining how much homeowner’s insurance you need
  • Immediately knowing if something is missing, making it easier to find it
  • Speed up the filing process on any potential claims
  • Proving loses to the IRS or other organizations

Easy Ways to Make a Home Inventory

It can sound overwhelming, this idea of cataloging everything in your house. But it doesn’t have to be. Try this tricks to make it fast and easy.

  1. Make photocopies of important documents. Keep the originals with you during the move and pack the copies.
  2. Use a video camera or your phones camera to document your belongings. Be sure cabinets and closets are open when you do this. FYI – this is also a great way to have a record for insurance purposes. If they can see it, they can replace it in case of loss.
  3. Upload the photos and/or videos to the cloud so you’ll always have access to them.
  4. Keep any written lists organized with Homezada.
  5. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, hire a professional organizer to help.

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