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Guest post by Sarah Woodard, Spiritual Educator from Stone Bridge Transformation

A couple weeks ago, True Assisting talked about National Happiness Day. But if you’re like me, one day isn’t enough. I’ve noticed that many women, including myself, have been feeling frantic. Our lives are crazy busy, filled with uncertainty, and we’re left feeling almost anxious. I’ve had enough! If this sounds familiar, I invite you to try these tips to find your happy and hold on it for longer than a day. They’ve made a huge difference in my life.

Make Time for You

This is probably the most important thing you can do. Between caring for families, career demands (and joys), and running a household, we often neglect our own needs. Here’s the thing – if you don’t make time for yourself every day, you’re going to burn out quickly. So, give yourself 20 minutes – daily – where you can take care of yourself. Meditate, read a book, quietly enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage – anything that helps you re-center and put yourself first for a change.

Get Physical

A big part of self-care that a lot of women miss is exercise. Let’s face it, getting to the gym takes time and effort and can be kind of boring. It’s also not always cost effective. That’s okay. Skip the gym and go for a walk instead! You can even turn your walk into a meditation. There’s some great guided ones (walking and otherwise) on Insight Timer.

Say No

It’s so easy to fall into the pattern of saying yes any time you’re asked to do something. As women, we tend to be people pleasers. We want everyone around us to be happy and we bend over backwards to give them what they ask to further their happiness. Guess what? This often hurts our happiness. Not good. Instead, allow yourself to have healthy boundaries. Say no. NO doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you’re putting yourself first so you’ll have more emotional resources to care for them. Also, you can say no in a loving way. Here’s an example. “I’d really like to help you with that, but right now I can’t do it and give it my best. I’ll be happy to do it next week when I’ll have more time to give it the attention it deserves.”

Find a Hobby

Creativity is a great outlet for stress and it helps refocus our brains. Instead of bouncing from one thing to the next and the next trying to juggle all the things, doing something creative puts the mind’s focus on one thing. And in doing so, a lot of the problems you were trying to solve actually present a solution – maybe one you hadn’t thought of. This is because quieting the mind allows your intuition to come through. So, find a hobby. Woodworking, painting, knitting, quilting, basket weaving – anything you like!

Get Help

If you’re like me, you’re always trying to do it ALL on your own. That’s a fast path to burn out and failure. Get help. Outsource if you can. Ask your family to pick up some of the slack. (Actually tell them to, but do it nicely!) And if you’re not sure what to do, take a few minutes to answer some simple questions and get guidance.