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How I Help You as a Financial Organizer/Daily Money Manager

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Before I dive into how I help you, let me be clear – I’m not a financial planner. I don’t manage investments. What I do, at the core of it, is help you regain control of your financial documents.

Why People Call Me?

Usually, someone calls me because they realize they’re not keeping up with all the financial data they have coming in. Sometimes adult children of seniors see bills or other items falling through the cracks and reach out to me for help.

How a Daily Money Manager Can Help

Everyone’s needs are a little different and I customize my services to meet each client’s specific situation. At first, we may spend some time getting to know each other and putting out the occasional fire that comes up as a result of not being on top of things. In addition, my financial organization services can include:

  • Catching up on unopened mail and unpaid bills
  • Sorting and filing (may include creating a new filing system)
  • Reviewing bills for accuracy and setting up autopay if it makes sense to do so
  • Reviewing bank statements and requesting check images if necessary
  • Identify health insurance coverage and payments
  • Gather and properly file tax return information
  • Apply for any available state or federal exemptions you qualify for
  • Search for and obtain any unclaimed state funds on your behalf
  • Review credit card charges and remove any recurring charges that are no longer necessary
  • Meet with attorneys and other advisors as necessary
  • Apply for disabled parking as applicable
  • Provide referrals to other professionals including (but not limited to):
    • Homecare, medication management, patient advocate
    • Housing specialist
    • Social worker
    • Physical therapist
    • Handyman
    • Landscaper
    • Transportation and delivery services
  • Keep a running list of things to do

That’s a quick look at what I do as a daily money manager, but it’s only the beginning. How can I help you or someone you love get control of financial paperwork? Contact me to discuss your needs.

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