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How often do you find yourself saying, “I’m overwhelmed” or “I just can’t keep up”? You know there are more than enough productivity tools available to help you get organized and reduce your stress – too many, in fact. There’s only so much storage space on your devices, and in your brain, for organization and productivity tools. Which ones are best for you, depends on your needs and lifestyle, of course, but here are some of the most popular tech for reducing stress currently on the market.


How many different logins and passwords do you have to keep track of? It can be tempting to put them in a Word or Excel file for quick reference. Of course, then you need to password protect that file, and it’s only available when you have access to where that file is stored. Lastpass has a solution. It securely stores your passwords and enables you to share access without sharing your password with a spouse or assistant. And you can easily revoke access any time you need.


How much time do you waste emailing back and forth to set up a meeting? In this hectic world, it can get painful, even frustrating, to find a time that works. Instead, Calendly syncs with your calendar and shows your available times to people looking to book time with you. And it goes one step further. Once they find a time that matches their availability, they can book the meeting time themselves!


Snag-it’s initial claim to fame was as a screen capture tool that allowed the user to capture clips of a window instead of the entire window the way a keyboard shortcut would. Since then, it’s become a valuable training tool where you can capture video of what you’re doing on your screen and record voice-over instructions.

With amazing tools like these, organizing your life and boosting productivity is easy, and each of these tools is so simple. You won’t lose a lot of time learning a new tool or asking your teammates to learn and use them. For help getting organized and finding the right tools for your needs, please follow us on Facebook and sign up for the newsletter.