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The weather this year has been weird. Even the most skilled gardeners have been struggling with planting times, watering, and getting enough sun to their crops and flowers. For the newbie and amateur gardeners, it’s been even more challenging. Like everything in life these days, there’s a (gardening) app for that!

Garden Time Planner

Not sure when to plant what or what the usual harvest time is for your favorite fruits and veggies? This app can help. Put out by the Burpee seed company; Garden Time provides you a task list of what to do and when to do it. All you have to do is type in your region and focus on the specific type of plant. There are even instructional videos and an integrated weather feature that helps you understand how the weather will impact your garden.

Garden Answers

Plant IdentificationWhat’s that growing there? How often do you ask that as you’re out in your garden or walking through nature? With the Garden Answers app, all you need is a picture. Snap one with your smartphone and submit it to the app. Instantly, you’ll get the name of the plant and tons of information about it. There’s also a keyword feature if you know the name, but don’t have a picture.

BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener

Every gardener knows bees are important for pollination. Every gardener wants to bring more bees to their plot, even if they’d rather not take on the task of being a beekeeper. The BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener app is easy to use. It provides a database of about 1,000 bee-friendly plants. You can customize your list based on your region – all you need is your zip code! You can further filter the lists based on your preferences such as soil type, sunlight, flower type or color, and plant type. If you’re not sure what some of the plants on your list look like, the app provides pictures too.

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