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Many seniors take great comfort in their pets. They provide companionship and entertainment. In some cases, they also offer opportunities for exercise and socialization. Sadly, some seniors feel they must give up their beloved pets because they’re unable to get them to the vet, groomers, etc. or obtain the necessary supplies. Thankfully, there are mobile pet services and supplies to help! And they’re not just for seniors – busy homeowners with pet families can take advantage of them too!

Mobile Groomers

A typical trip to the groomer involves convincing your pet to get in the car or carrier, driving to the groomer and leaving your pet there to get shampooed and clipped. Some pet owners may try to do the grooming themselves. Depending on the pet’s temperament, this may be a sure route to a wet home and angry pet. Instead, mobile groomers come to your home with the necessary supplies. They shampoo and clip your four-legged buddy in the comfort of their own home, meaning there’s less stress for everyone involved.

Mobile Vets

Back when communities were smaller and close-knit, doctors made house calls. Some vets still do, if you request it. Larger communities also may have a mobile vet clinic that comes to your door, like Ark Animal Hospital. This not only saves you the hassle of getting your pet to the vet, but it’s also less stressful for them too.

Pet Food and Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door

Human medications have been available for delivery for a while. With sites like 1800petmeds your pet’s favorite food and needed prescriptions can be easily ordered and shipped to your home. They even offer a convenient auto-refill option so you never run out of the medication and other supplies your four-legged family members need.

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